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    My Story:

    Hi! My name is AKOL, I am 18 years old and I live in a regional town Western Australia.
    I am one of 9 kids. I am the youngest.
    Enough about my personal life.

    I come to this group looking for comfort, I feel alienated and I feel awkward talking about it with anyone who doesnít understand me. I find comfort knowing that there are people in the world like me, even though I donít know any of you yet, I feel comfortable talking to like mined people like yourselves.
    I have a thing for Nappies, I donít know what it is but I find it sexually arousing whenever I am near them, they donít even need to be on someone!
    I know what many of you will be thinking ďHe is a paedophileĒ. I am not. I am not interested in that sick, horrible abuse on children. I believe that all Paedophiles should be shot and fed to the dogs.

    I have a thing for the texture, the feeling of nappies. What they feel like against my skin. I also sometimes think about some of my closest friends, (all which are female) wearing nappies and wetting them. It turns me on. Is it just me or am I sick?
    I honestly donít know what brought me to the world of nappies. I just want to be part of this wonderful group and find answers and help people like myself.

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this into to me and I am open to any questions you may have.
    Regards, AKOL

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    Welcome dude.

    Fear not even though lots of people here can be judgey lots more people have the same feelings and feel disgust toward predators too.

    Big question for you is.... Do you have any hobbies? Any interests? Play any sports?

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    Hey welcome fellow Aussie. It's all good buddy, don't sweat it. You're no sicko, at least from what you're saying I doubt it. Take time to share your story....there's plenty here to give you their wisdom and advice. Like Argent says...what else interests you?

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    Hello Argent,
    I have a few hobbies, mainly involving photography. I mainly like to photograph railways, I also like to photograph landscapes aswell.
    I d not play any sports, I do however umpire AFL.
    Regards, AKOL

    EDIT: Hello ozbub,
    Thanks for understanding. I look forward to sharing my stories and experiences on here.
    Regards, AKOL

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    Hello AKOL, and welcome to ADISC! Firstly, you're not sick in any way, and you're most definitely not alone in your fondness for diapers. Many of our members love them - they're comfy, and for some, sexually stimulating. If you have concerns about the way in which wearing or seeing diapers makes you feel, you've come to the right place, but I certainly wouldn't say from your post here that you have anything to worry about.

    I imagine 99.9% of people on this board feel the same hatred for predators you do (myself included). As people who understand the wonder and importance of childhood innocence, the ABDL community in general care as much as anyone about the protection and wellbeing of babies and children.

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