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Thread: Favortie Books

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    Default Favortie Books

    So what are your favorite books? Favorite Series? Authors?

    Here's my list:

    Go Ask Alice - Anonymous

    The Twilight Saga - Stephanie Meyers

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - Ken Kesey

    Girl Interupted - Susanna Kaysen

    The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

    Harry Potter Series - J.K Rowling

    The Shining - Stephen King

    Pet Semetary - Stephen King

    Thumbsucker - Walter Kim

    And I read alot of scripts..... maybe I shall make that a seperate thread :]
    And i just now ralized that I spelled 'Favorite' wrong. Don't judge me!

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    Howl and Other Peoms-Allen Ginsberg
    On the Road- Jack Kerouac
    The Adventures of Auggie March-Saul Bellow
    The Adventures of Huck Finn-Mark Twain
    The Iliad-Homer
    The Aeneid-Virgil
    The Epic of Gilgamesh-auhtor unknown
    Tao Te Ching-Lao Tzu
    The Theban Plays-Sophocles
    Doing Battle: The Making of a Skeptic-Paul Fussel
    Across the Wide Missouri-Bernard DeVoto
    Goodbye, Darkness-William Manchester
    The Long Road of War-James W. Johnston
    Catch-22-Joseph Heller
    The Leatherstocking Tales-James Fenimore Cooper

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    HHGTTG (no way am I typing the full name on my iPod. If you don't get the acronym think why is 42 a popular number)
    More coming tomorow


    Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (especially Sourcery and Reaper Man)
    Anything by Arthur C. Clarke
    Jonathon Stroud - The Bartimaeus Trilogy
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    A book that'll always be a favorite of mine is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. It's a classic, despite the author being pretty much an asshole outside of his works.

    I can't really think of any others right now, except for HHGTTG which Dreamaker was nice enough to remind me of.

    Oh, and for all the Twilight fans; Try Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite that I just read. Not a favorite per say, but worth a read. It's basically a big mix of violence, drugs, angst, sex (of the non christian variety) and goth music. Also, it's about vampires doing those things. In other words, it's about real vampires

    EDIT: Forgot about Harry Potter. My bad.

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    The Vampire Chronicles
    Martyn Pig
    The Gospel According to Larry

    I don't read nearly as much as I should.. but doing the theatre major, I do go through alot of plays and other scripts.

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    The Golden Leg: And Other Ghostly Campfire Tales - Dale Jarvis

    Haunted Shores: True Ghost Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador - Dale Jarvis

    Wonderful Strange: Ghosts, Fairies, and Fabulous Beasties - Dale Jarvis

    Silverwing - Kenneth Oppel

    Sunwing - Kenneth Oppel

    Firewing - Kenneth Oppel

    Darkwing - Kenneth Oppel

    Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson

    Rumble Fish - S.E. Hinton

    Holes - Louis Sachar

    Christine - Stephen King

    Mr. Popper's Penguins - Richard and Florence Atwater

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    Ender's Game and the entire series - Orson Scott Card.

    Harry Potter Series - You know her name already.

    Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins (Read it!)

    So You Want to be a Wizard series - Someone...

    Midnighters - Scott Westerfeld

    Peeps duet (so far) - Scott Westerfeld, I think.

    Bartimaeus (sp?) Trilogy - Someone else...

    Children of the Lamp duet, series, whatever - Someone else else..

    Kitty and the Midnight Hour Series - Carrie Vaughn (Sp?)

    Darren Shan Saga - Someone else else else...

    And quite a few others that I'll add when I remember them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon93 View Post
    Mr. Popper's Penguins - Richard and Florence Atwater
    ah, good memories.

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    1.The Chronicles of Narnia
    2.The Artemis Fowl books
    3. The Harry Potter books
    4. Fight Club
    5. Dexter
    6. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
    7. Bringing Down The House Aka "21, Bringing Down The House".
    8. Apt Pupil
    9. Coraline

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    Blarg told me about Enders game. It sounds like such a cool book.

    My personal favorites are:

    Legend of Drizzt series - R.A. Salvatore

    The Death Gate Cycle - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

    His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman

    "His Dark Materials" isn't as good as a story as the first two I listed, but it's the first book that I actually enjoyed reading, and it's the book that got me into reading more books. It has more sentamental value than anything.

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