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Thread: Cosplayers, Assemble!

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    Default Cosplayers, Assemble!

    I just wanted to know how many cosplayers we have here.

    I've only done it once, it was at Ikasucon in 2012. I ordered Ash's hat, a clip-on Poke Ball, a small Lucario that I put on my shoulder, and I made my own Trainer's gloves.

    What was really cool about that weekend was what happened on the first day. Ikasucon had a special guest, Eric Stuart. He played Brock and James, and Kaiba from YuGi-Oh! I got him to sign my Poke Ball and recite the Team Rocket intro.

    I never thought I'd be so giddy around famous people, but I was wrong lol. I walked away with my signed Poke Ball and let out a little squeal.

    I want to go again next year. I found Kirito's sword (below) on Amazon for $147. It was then I decided I'd cosplay as Kirito at next year's convention. There's a few things I need to do first, though.

    1- Lose 30-40 pounds to get in the 150s. I don't want to be fat Kirito.

    2- Sell my PS3 to help with the costs. I did the math, and I'll need to pay a little under $400 for everything.

    How many cosplayers do we have? Who have you dressed up as, or who do you want to dress as?
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    Put together a NCR Trooper uniform once for a convention but that's about it. I got a lot of compliments and am looking to improve the costume over time. Would like to cosplay more but alas, my time and finances inhibit my ambitions.

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    I would love to be able to successfully pull off Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2. He is my favorite character. Although Roxas would be a close second.

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    I've wanted to cosplay, but I can't find the confidence/money/skills to make one.
    maybe one day

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyPandora View Post
    How many cosplayers do we have? Who have you dressed up as, or who do you want to dress as?
    Since 2010 I think I've cosplayed as most of the main Seigaku and Rikkai players from Prince of Tennis at some point

    I'll officially finish out the Rikkai players (at least the ones i'm okay with :P) later today when I dress up as Yukimura to hand out candy tonight

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    If I had the time and money, I would cosplay as a CAPO in full "Protect Gear" from the Kerberos Panzer Cops Saga.

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    I did a Harley Quinn Cosplay for Anime Midwest last year and now i am preparing and hoping to do a Team Magma grunt pokemon cosplay for AMKE in february.

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    I cosplay! I have done quite a few, but some of the more memorable ones were, Belarus from Hetalia, Geroro from SGT. Frog, and an Andorian from Star Trek Enterprise!

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    I've cosplayed:

    -Count D (Pet Shop of Horrors)
    -Sora Takenouchi (Digimon)
    -Takuya Kanbara (Digimon)
    -Matt (Death Note)
    -Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
    -Vietnam (Hetalia; i got talked into it since i went with a group)
    -Mako Tsunami
    -Misty (Pokemon; as a joke)

    no pictures tho, they got lost between computers :c gonna be going to a con in April, dunno what I'll cosplay. Possibly someone from Psycho Pass, but maybe not.

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