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Thread: How do I stop blaming myself?

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    Default How do I stop blaming myself?

    My grandpa died of lung cancer when I was 9. At that age I didn't understand that lung cancer was going to kill him. I thought he was going to get better and everything would be alright. So I didn't spend the last few days of his life the way I should have. I blame myself for this even though I know I shouldn't. I think the fact he was the only positive contact I had with my family for so many years makes it worse. My parents abused me so I can't really say that was a positive relationship. But back to my question, I really want to stop blaming myself but I don't know how. I still remember exactly when he died. December 22nd, 9:07 a.m.

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    Dude its not your fault for him passing away and if in any way shape or form he would forgive you because I went through almost the same thing my grandpa on my mother's side of the family and I know in some way he forgave me and plus try to keep him in your heart and memories also think of all the fun, great, awesome stuff you did with him while he was alive. :crying:

    I too miss him so much it hurts me but just remember how he would want you to be and that is happy and smiling

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