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Thread: Unprotected urgency in public

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    Default Unprotected urgency in public

    What's been your most urgent experience while unprotected in public?

    A few years ago after suffering a minor back injury, I went through a phase similar to urge IC. It was thankfully only temporary, but I would get the urge to pee, and would have to go immediately.

    One day on my one and a half hour drive home from work I got the urge to go. Pulled of the freeway early, found a spot to park and got out of my car. Problem was I dribbled a bit as I got out, leaving me with a wet spot on my shorts. The next day I was stopped at the lights, nearly home, and the urge was there again. This time I actually wet myself at the lights. Now while I enjoy wetting, I hadn't wet uncontrollably since childhood.

    A couple of days later, I stopped at a friends place after work and had a couple of light beers. After leaving his place the urge hit again. Problem was, I had to stop at the shop on the way home.

    I stopped, and ran barefoot into the shop for a quick stock up on some essentials. Once I started walking in the cold tiles, my urgency increased ten fold. I remember standing in the checkout line and trying not to do an obvious potty dance or hold myself. As I was being served, it felt like it was too late, and I honestly thought I had started leaking then, but thankfully I hadnt. I walked out, went to the bathroom but it was locked, as the store was shutting.

    So back to the car. Put the shopping in and finally got to cross my legs and bend over a bit. The urge subsided, and I got in and started the car. It was like my bladder muscles were tired, and sitting down was a relief.

    I started the car and pulled out into the road. Suddenly I feel warm and wet. I had actually started peeing with absolutely no feeling whatsoever. I couldn't stop, and finished up soaking my shorts and the seat. It was freaky, as I had lost any control at all, and just could not stop.

    I'm just glad it was in the car and not one minute earlier in the check out line!

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    I have wet in the car a few times but not unintentional. I have wet at work unintentional a few times but not so bad since I work at home. Now I just always wear protection but I do leak at home sometimes so I guess it is just a matter of time before I leak in public.

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    I have had both issues.

    I have had a lot of near misses with a wet spot. But when I finally had full can't stop accidents, they finally sent me to a Urologist and found out I had a nasty prostate infection for three years.

    The other one is I am getting sick and have major Diarrhea, I make it to the bathroom in a grocery store (with two little kids in tow) and there is two "old farts" have a session of camp sits-a-lot. After five minutes of waiting and the kids crying because they do not want to stand in the bathroom, I finally said I was sick and I needed a toilet yesterday. They both came out making obnoxious comments.

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    I've had some urge incontinence issues, especially if I've been drinking coffee. It seems like it suddenly hits, and I need to find a bathroom now. It also will hit sometimes if I'm running some water. I've assumed it's age related. I also think if one is used to wearing diapers a lot and allowing themselves to use their diapers whenever the urge hits, it teaches the bladder to let go on a more frequent basis.

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    I've never had an accident (since I was 6). I remember one time though, I was out at this small town walking a nature trail that kind of ran through the town. I stopped at a little coffee shop and hung out for a while. I had been walking for a while, so I ended up draining two large teas while I was there.

    Cut to a little while later. I'm back walking the trail and all of a sudden I have to pee so badly it's hard to move. I felt like I was sloshing around with every step. Nobody knew if there was another rest stop near the trail, and I was within city limits, so I didn't want to use the bushes if I could avoid it. I ended up walking back to the coffee place and using their bathroom, which was one of the most agonizing walks of my life.

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    I've had the occasional #2 urgency that, like dogboy's, seems related to coffee. Thankfully, this hasn't happened in public, and a bathroom has always been handy. Like most, I've experienced the inevitable urinary urgency that comes of mixing large drinks with long car trips. Perhaps sadly, I've never managed to use a diaper while driving. Then again, I've only tried a handful of times.

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    I've had one or two instances of having an accident or spotting. Had a bad bout with diarrhea and well, I'll never trust a fart again. Didn't completely mess but definitely needed to change underwear when I got home. As one of my friends mentioned "never trust a man who hasn't shit himself" and no, he wasn't a diaper lover or the likes.

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    I was training for my pilot's license and on a long solo cross country flight. As a student, I was only allowed to land at airports approved by my instructor for this long flight. I landed after about an hour and a half at my first destination and had a soda. The moment I took off for my next 50 mile flight I had to pee like a race horse! I was going through the cockpit of the plane looking for anything I could pee in, but there wasn't anything at all! It wasn't like I could pull to the side of the road and dash into the trees for a minute either. Somehow I made it to my next landing without wetting myself and made the mad dash for the restroom. I may have nearly set a record for the longest pee!

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    My bladder has always been pretty good, but boy I have had bowel accidents in public. Not a lot but I certainly vividly remember them. Never could figure out whether it was mild IBS or some undiagnosed food allergy...

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    I've also had bowel accidents in public. Back a few years ago I had one and was only wearing a pad. Not much protection there.
    Now that I'm diapered 24/7 not much of a problem.

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