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    My family and I are under a lot of stress because of my Grandpa's health. My Grandmother's way of coping is to yell at everyone. My way of coping? Well, my way of coping is deep and unintentional age regression. My regression has gotten worse over the past month and a half... Now, when she yells it is honestly like she is yelling at a child. Age play is fun, but this age regression is awful! I just want to turn it off and feel big... Or at least have her understand somehow. I don't really know what I'm asking here... Maybe... If you've experienced age regression due to stress and/or depression how do or did you handle it? Any advice?

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    The way I would probably handle this is to just back off and get any stream out of you meaning go for a walk or take your mind off of things. If someone's way of coping is to yell, then you don't need to get caught in the act. All that is doing is putting stress on you and you don't necessary need that at the moment. Is it all an act or intentional.

    If intentional. Is there anything that is bothering your grandmother? You can sit down and have a chat with her discussing the events that could be going on. I wouldn't completely let go and blurt out the wrong answers or the obvious. There can be a way to reduce the levels everyone has and that is to layer out some straws. The obvious one is your grandfather's health.

    Definition of "straws": Take charge of yourself and do what is best. Always have some back-up tools on standby if one was to fail directly in front of you.

    Something might happen to your grandfather and there is not much that can be done. You just have to play the waiting game and pray that everything will be ok. I honestly wouldn't worry about age regression at a serious time and I would focus more on spending plenty of time with your grandfather because he possibly could "go" the next hour, the next day, nobody can predict the future.

    If you absolutely want to get this stuff out of your head, then age regression alone is not going to do much for you. There are better things to take your mind off of things like sleep, go out, engage in activities, etc. If there is yelling at the house and the grandmother is yelling, that isn't really fun time for you because you "alone" have to sit thru this entire drama and that isn't good for you. It's best to walk away for awhile when she starts to yell. That way you missed something you felt glad that you missed.

    Do you really feel like being big? Do it. It is possible that it is easy like a flip of a switch. Just remember, I wouldn't do this left and right all the time because this has happened, you can get confused on who you really are (Some of us are already in that state) one minute we are 22 and up for example, the next minute we are 1.5 years old. As for your primary question I have no idea what your asking so I tore your question into things you might be asking so I hope I decently helped out in this one.

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    Snivy, you're reply and a step back helped me clarify I suppose. I do NOT want the age regression that is going on right now. I want to be able to be there for my Grandpa. So I guess, my question would be: what are some tips to make regression caused by stress to go away?

    Obviously, I cannot fix the situation that is my Grandpa's health- I try to clear my mind, that works for a little while, but then the stress comes back into the forefront and immediately I'm like 2 years old. It is strange.

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    The best way is to pretty much clear your mind of any babyish things that are going on.

    Thing of some best things that fill you up with joy besides little/age things? Maybe stress is a way your dealing with and if your a little, that might be the exact trigger your dealing with as of right now. Let's see, I am little and I sometimes wonder if it is good for me to be who I am. I had my dog pass away and I tried to stay in a little stage to not think about it or else it would get worse for me and I would start crying to the point where there was no meaning to life.

    One of the things is to put your little stuff (If you have them like bottles or toys) put them away so they are the least thing that is going inside your head right now. You can hide them so when you walk around, your eyes are not directly eyeballing at them.

    Next thing is to be focused more on your grandfather. (Will take time to adjust) It will take time because those babyish thoughts will still swim around your head for awhile and it can be almost impossible to stop thinking about the stuff right away. You have to control your thoughts. You need to keep thinking about other things. Some positive things like hugs from your grandfather will change the path your in and take you the opposite direction. That's about 10% of the age-regression gone because again, your taking control of your body.

    Last and important step is making sure that you stay totally calm. Anything that will start the trigger will influence more of what your trying to stop. You need to act mature around and no signs of little will penetrate your emotions. Anything that is young and fun that is meant for like 1-2 years old might spark you/me/all of us, but the best thing for you is to remain calm.

    If your saying clearing your head works for the time being but comes back, then you might need a small nap with a few energy drinks. (Soda wise, not them disgusting energy drinks) throws your balance off and you choose the path you want. Your about 50% yourself and the age-regression between you right now.

    The other 50% you keep with you and focus more on your state with your grandfather. Try to not drift more into this, it's hard to recover back into a normal adult-hood.

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    You know, it seems dumb, but i really think it works. Watch this ted talk

    Do a little bit of chest flexing and standing straight before you walk into the room to talk to your Grandmother, hopefully it will raise your confidence before you walk in.

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