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Thread: Underjams actually fit.

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    Default Underjams actually fit.

    I didn't think they would. They didn't last my walk (on side broke), but definitely less of a struggle and softer.

    I bought the new GN in hopes that they weren't as bad as everyone said, but they are.

    I never tried them before because they got a bad rap. So I am thrilled to have a new product, even just for sitting around. Glad to be part of the Pampers family.

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    Despite having a 38" waist and 44" hips, I've found that I can wear UnderJams around the house for a few hours without breakage. They are pretty tight, but not uncomfortable. Pre-stretching the sides definitely helps with the durability. Unfortunately, the narrow crotch of UnderJams (and GoodNites) means that one needs a BA degree in Precision Wetting in order to avoid a leak. For that reason, I find Pampers baby diapers more practical. "XL" in UnderJams is no longer than Baby Dry 6, and the crotch of Baby Dry is about 40% wider. No joke.

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