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Thread: Make Your Own Hybrid Diaper

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    Question Make Your Own Hybrid Diaper

    If you could create a hybrid diaper of your favorite diapers, what would it be like?

    Here's my example:

    I would take the plastic backing of the Aww So Cute (I love the pink and blue bears!) and combine it with the absorbency of Abena m4, use the tapes off the northshore supreme brief, and lastly the huge leg gathers on the DC Amor pink diaper.

    What are your creations? =D

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    I would take the plastic backing,prints and tapes of ABU sissy diapers (with even wider single tapes on them for a better fit) filled with the same amount of SAP from a Bambino Bellisimo and the leak guards of a wellness superio and the odor control of a tena slip maxi. Basically that would be the perfect diaper for me as far as nighttime use would be concerned. As far as daytime use would be concerned I would substitute the reusable tapes instead of the single large tape and no print because no one is supposed to see it in the first place as I would walk around with it on in broad daylight underneath my clothes.

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    Dry 24/7 with the leak guards from Wellness Superio and I think that would be the perfect diaper for me. The prints while fun are not that important to me.

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