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Thread: Hello! Here's my Intro post!

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    Default Hello! Here's my Intro post!

    Hey everyone, I'm a college student in Texas and I hope to become fluent in SEVERAL languages one day. I first found this website when I was struggling with my identity as a Diaper Lover and here I am a few years later finally joining. I am a self taught guitarist, drummer, and I absolutely love playing video games in my spare time. My personality is usually very reserved, but I still know how to have fun! I finally decided to join this website because as I learn new things and grow im finding more questions that I think a friendly and dignified website like ADISC can help me answer. Sorry if this was long winded, just excited to finally join!


    Also looking to make friends.... don't be shy
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    Hello Iamgroot! Welcome to ADISC. Not a long-winded intro at all - we like to discuss all sorts of things on here, so it's encouraged to talk about both your ABDL side, and any other interests you have. Like you say, this is a friendly place to post - and I hope you find some helpful insight here, to the questions you have.

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    I have to say it.... I AM GROOT! hahaaha no seriously welcome to the site! I hope all works out well for you in college and things are going great! I think it is really cool that you taught yourself to play the guitar that's really cool! Again welcome.

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    Thank you guys for making me feel welcome! Lol glad you found that amusing BluefireJay, was starting to wonder if my username was going over people's heads.

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