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    I picked up a pack of the "new" goodnites this weekend and was expecting a lot. Well, I was excited for the new designs. Plus I could have used diaper again. I however was dissapointed with the new goodnites. While I heard they were stretchier in the sides - which they were - they were also a LOT thinner and flimsier in the sides. I was very dissapointed. They seem like they are a lot cheaper quality.
    When I wet them, they seemed about equal to the old ones. I was expecting a lot, but want the old ones back with the new designs.
    Has anyone else felt this way?

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    Goodnites were at their best when they had 3 sizes. The XL with the label "trusted protection ". Great fit, decent absorbency, plain white.

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    kck tends to cheapen the quality of their products over time.
    probably a way to save them money and profits.

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