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Thread: Buying from Amazon.

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    Default Buying from Amazon.

    Hey, quick question about buying off Amazon. Mainly I'm concerned about my diapers showing up in a box that has diapers or something on the box. I could care less about the shipping label, but more about the box itself.

    So let's say I buy from Amazon. Will just anything be shipped in an amazon box? Or if it says "sold by "this healthcare provider" will they come from the factory / store of whoever is selling them? If anybody knows what the best way to order from Amazon is, please fill me in. Thank you

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    It has to be fulfilled by Amazon, I usually just do anything that is Prime eligible. It will either say "Sold by Amazon" or "Sold by (other company) and fulfilled by Amazon". Otherwise it will be shipped from the seller. The other sellers won't put anything on the box that says diapers on it though, but I always worry about that too :P.

    On another note, I have seen that some stuff now is shipped in frustration free packaging, and I am not sure what that would look like.

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    I have not had any issues with them but anything that does not say fulfilled by Amazon may come in original box since it won't be an Amazon box. If you have to buy from non Amazon on Amazon.o would contact the seller.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! I'm still a little sketched out, but I was able to find some diapers that were fulfilled by Amazon for a good price. Got some tranquility ATN's for 12 dollars and some change.

    I'm living in Germany, so it's super hard to get diapers, so even though they aren't the best, it's the wearing that matters. So I got some to hold me over a bit

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    Lol gunslingergreg we got 2 things on common 1st. is my real name is Greg, 2nd. is I to bought tranquillity ATN diapers from Amazon for $10.85 but that is because I live in the States

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    I would think if the diapers are in a box, they aren't going to put them in another box (exposed)

    If it is a package, then they need to put it in a box or else the package is ruined.

    If your talking about tranquility, and sold by amazon, then it should automatically be brown boxed.

    Sometimes, it would depend on the company seller if they are supported by amazon or not. It's best to shoot an e-mail pertaining to packaging first. They answer their e-mails prior to less than a week.

    I, for example, bought M4's back in May on amazon. The company's name was "Quality Home Care" and since it was in a package, they had no other choice but to brown box it. If the company makes the diapers, they will put it in their own box.

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    I recently bought a case that supposedly was packed by Amazon (with Amazon Prime) but my box did not arrive discreetly. There was a sticker that had the contents of it on the outside, and there was some lettering on the box. It wasn't super obvious, but it was definitely not discreet. I would suggest maybe asking them about your specific item if it isn't listed in the info.

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    Strangely enough, the only giveaway on a box I recently received was the shipping label listing "NorthShore Care" as the sender, but it was printed very small in the top corner which was peeled off the box and folded over the information.

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