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    My friend asked me if I could post something on here asking if anyone knows where he could find some pink adult diapers. Anyone got any ideas? He's probably a size medium or large.

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    The closest I know is Dry 24/7's larger size. They're a light purple but look a bit pink.

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    I think his best bet is getting a pink diaper cover/plastic pants

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    The best answer I can give you is: Molicares. But they're just light purple, not exactly bright pink.


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    Thanks for the suggestions. I thought about the Molicares as well. I should have clarified that he is looking for disposables, not cloth. He is really tall but also very thin, so I'm not sure if the dry 24/7s will be too big for him but I see they have sample packs.

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    the large Dry 24/7's sag on me after I use them to the extent that I think they will leak. Though this is solved by doubling them up but then I can barely pull my pants up over it and the diaper rides VERY high. So pretty much anyone that has a 32 inch waist or so shouldn't be buying medium/large dry 24/7's or try wearing them in public.

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    If you want pink, the dry 24/7's are pinkish, and fairly decent in my opinion.

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    Tranquility diapers are peach (PEACHY!) if that is close enough. Maybe in the right light...

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    Thats the color I want my first diapers to be =)

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