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    Default Considering getting onesies

    So I was considering buying some onesies to wear but I don't know where to start I want something babyish that fits well but I don't know who carries what so that's a problem. Another problem would be that I live with my father and he doesn't know that i'm an ABDL.

    Another thing to add is anything about formula any adult formulas out there worth using. Right now I use similac advance but I want something different something not for a baby's diet. I would prefer it be something that can easily be mixed into a baby bottle.

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    For Formula, Ensure might work, I am not sure where you are from, but that might be something to think about. . .

    I was looking at pacifiers on Awwsocute website, and they sell onesies, that look like a regular t-shirt if you are wearing pants

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    These ones look the most like a regular t shirt if you are looking for one like that. Be careful on the sizing though.

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    Consider? There is nothing to consider. Do it, I assure you, you won't regret it. My onesies have been my second best investment into anything ABDL, the first being bambino bellissimos. As Tyger mentioned, adultclothdiaper has good ones, but I don't particularly like their snaps. The onesies from baby-pants have better snaps, and they have both babyish patterns and flat colors. If you're worried about your dad, i'd get the flat colored white or blue ones and if he seems them, just write them off as under shirts.

    Seriously, get onesies, your body and mind will love you for it.

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