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Thread: Mummy/Daddy diapered too?

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    Default Mummy/Daddy diapered too?

    Have wondered if it is common or not for AB's or littles to want their caregivers to wear nappies whilst retaining their mommy/daddy role, my gf wears for me either when I am being babied or when she is. I do switch with her when the mood takes me but my DL side is then fulfilled as I wear when I'm being her daddy, anyway just wondered if it was common amongst the community

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    As someone with a caretaker/mommy I feel obliged to answer for science, but no.. she doesn't wear diapers. She's my mommy. I don't want her to wear diapers. She's a big girl.

    I'm not into diapers sexually and I don't switch roles though, and I'm sure both of those play a large factor on if you want your partner to wear too.

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    I find myself diapered increasingly often when I'm taking care of my little. It's partly the result of me starting to do diaper reviews and thus needing to spend more time in diapers and partly just that diapers are easy and awesome. He doesn't seem to mind too much, although he does joke about it a bit, but I generally try not to bring it up when he's little. It would probably make a lot of sense to intentionally have both of you diapered if one or both of you were DLs (but I'm not really a DL). Do what makes you two happy!

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    Since I consider myself to be more of a carer than a baby and since I wear pretty much 24/7 I always wear when in mommy mode. With 7 kids I am in mommy mode a lot.

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    7 kids? Are they all ab's or are some biological?

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    I'd be okay with it if my GF wanted to wear diapers, but we both seem to be quite traditional when we're age-playing. She's always the caretaker, and usually wears what she would to work, or just like strappy top + jeans, and I'm the one who's in diapers and/or other baby clothes.

    I think if you switch roles quite a bit, the idea of the Mummy/Daddy wearing diapers probably seems fairly natural, but I think I'd find it strange (at least initially) to have my caretaker wearing things which are associated with ABs/Littles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPDude View Post
    7 kids? Are they all ab's or are some biological?
    No, I just have one AB

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    I want my Mommy or Daddy to be just Mommy or Daddy that enjoys putting ones back to diapers and babying them. I have no problem with a big brother whos still in diapers putting me into a diaper.

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    I've never had a caregiver companion, but I have thought about this a lot.
    I think it would be a personal decision based on the dynamics of the relationship, and done with consideration of what each party wanted.

    For me, I would like an AB/DL partner to experiment this with from 3 different aspects, all of which would involve swapping between roles and stretching the imagination a bit.

    First, I would really like a diapered playmate. This would be a female companion who would indulge in age regression playtime and diaper wearing with me. We would wear and use our nappies while playing together as equals.

    Secondly, I would like my companion to switch roles to a caretaker for the purpose of changing and looking after me. She could stay diapered for this with no problem as far as I'm concerned. If I'm capable of pretending that we are young and need nappies, I'm capable of seeing her as a caregiver when required.

    Thirdly, I become the caregiver. After, (or before, whenever) I'm changed and taken care of, I would switch roles and become the caregiver myself. Once again, I see no problem in just ignoring the fact that I would be diapered.

    Of course it depends on the people involved, and their ability to role play, but I think if you had to change clothes as you changed roles then a lot of time as well as the mood would be lost.

    But I am hypotheticaly talking about 2 people playing as littles at first then alternating at role changes. I think if you had 1 person as caregiver looking after another as a little, it still wouldn't have to be much different. If the caregiver were DL only and not AB, then they would just wear their diaper under there grown up clothes as they looked after their baby. The baby doesn't need to know that mummy is wearing a diaper too. Just the same as in reality where I'm sure that some mothers with IC issues might wear discreetly underneath their clothing. The AB could be getting the care he/she needs, while the DL caregiver is getting the stimulation that he/she needs at the same time.

    The imagination is a wonderful thing. If we can imagine ourselves as ages or characters with needs that are different to our own, then why couldn't we ignore the fact that somebody may or may not be padded as we play out our stories.

    Now if I could just find that person..........

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    It's sort of funny to me how often our desires work at cross purposes. It's not uncommon among us to hope that our caregiver would be in total caregiver mode (even if not 24/7) but the group of people who are most likely to be the most accepting of the desire in the first place are other ABDLs, who are, of course, predisposed to get some attention of their own. I thought I was the exception in this case in that I didn't have any drive to be cared for and I was willing to help out a friend. However, over time, I got to see that it can be nice to be cared for. My desires are pretty low in this area but enough that I'd be disinclined to enter into a caregiving relationship with someone who wasn't at least open to the idea of enthusiastically offering care back on occasion. Diaper wearing at the same time should likewise be a non-issue. We're all adults.

    I can understand what people hope for or consider their ideal situation but I can't help but think that if you're not able to embrace the desires of your partner/friend/whatever in this, you're really limiting your own potential for happiness.

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