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    Are there any adult baby houses or cabins set up people can rent with there mommy/daddy/etc to go and live out there dreams. If not I think this would be a great idea. If you had everything they needed and charged rent.

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    As far as I know I have never heard of a place where you could rent a place and live out your ab/dl fantasies, but there are "Nurseries" out there where you can go and stay for a set amount of time (maybe a few hours or over hight) and live out your fantasies. These places usually cost quite a bit of money and usually have lots of rules.

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    It's a nice idea for people who'd want to go there, but I don't think it would be economically viable to cater exclusively for AB/DLs and their carers... Holiday lets often struggle to get bookings when they cater to the mass-market.

    I guess it could work, but the place would need to be suitable for non-AB-aware groups, and it would need to be easily convertible between AB-heaven and holiday-maker-luxury. And the additional cost of conversion and AB stuff would have to be paid for by the AB/DL groups in higher lodging fees (otherwise it'd make more commercial sense not to cater for AB/DLs at all).

    Still... we can dream!

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    As someone who lives with many people who work at motels.. why not just any old motel? Seems like some people already do that kind of thing there.. from the stories I've heard.

    Like.. if you really got to do at a place instead of a like, just at your homes why not there? Pack up some fun supplies, head on in, lock the door and just.. baby weekend. Little vacation. I'm confused what these cabins would offer you that you couldn't get with that.

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