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Thread: Wondering what size/brand of diaper would fit me

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    Default Wondering what size/brand of diaper would fit me

    Hi there! I'm trying to figure out what size diaper would fit me...
    I'm 5ft, I weigh about 93lbs and I can fit into a 00 pant or a little girls size 12 pant.

    Any advice for what brand and/or size of diaper would fit me?

    Thank you
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    Try small size stuff - most ABDL-targeted stuff will be too big for you, but Molicare Soft/Super Plus and Northshore AirSupreme both have sizes that would fit well (small). I think Abena's small sizes might also fit, but I haven't tried them. You're slightly smaller than me - I'm 5'5" and fit into girls' size 14 underwear as well as size 16 dresses well (though the dresses can be a little bit short on occasion). If you want something babyish/cute, you could easily squeeze into Pull-Ups 4T/5T and Goodnites (although L/XL Goodnites might be a bit loose) as well as (with stretching of the tapes) Pampers and Luvs size 6/7.

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