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Thread: Surety Diapers (Tyco?)

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    Default Surety Diapers (Tyco?)

    Has anyone ever tried these? They sound interesting and not a bad price from the description, but I usually need more to go on than that, so that I don't get stuck with a bunch of diapers that aren't as good as they seemed.

    ADULT DIAPERS (BRIEFS) Tyco, Kendell, SuretyS 72 pcs - eBay (item 250360238527 end time Feb-18-09 18:51:44 PST)

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    Ive never actually seen those diapers per say, but if i remember the diapers i wore the last time i was at the hospital were these blue things put out by tyco healthcare. I think there the only things out there, other than a makeshift that was worse than depends.
    Also i after a quick search of google, with no thought put into it at all, kendall and tyco healthcare are the same company so my assumption is that if they are the same as tyco, and they say "hospital quality" then they probably suck.

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    Yeeaaahhhh.... those are bad.... stay away!!! Trust me on this one!

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