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Thread: Plushies!

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    Default Plushies!

    What's your favorite plushie/stuffy/ teddy/whatever to cuddle with?

    Mine is a little red panda plush I got at the zoo over the summer, he fits in my arms perfectly.

    What's yours?

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    Both of my teddy bears, including my first ever teddy I got when I was an actual infant

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    I would love to see the tedy I had as a small child again maybe I will find him. Well right now I have a fluttershy plushie!

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    Momo is my fluffy sleepy-time husky, there's no bedtime without him. During the day my go to friend is my moose named Moose. Love 'em both and all my other cuddly friends! :3

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    My favourite plushy is 'Big Panda' - who, as you may guess, is a large panda. My Dad bought him for me at a school fair when I was a toddler, and he's stayed with me ever since. However, he's a bit large to fit comfortably in bed with me, so I'll give a special mention to my Makka Pakka plush, who is very snuggly and spends most nights tucked up with me.

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