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Thread: Like you're getting up and starting your day

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    Question Like you're getting up and starting your day

    so here's a interesting conversation....what position does everybody like to put on their diaper in?
    like as if your getting up and starting your day and want to get that good fit diaper....and what are your techniques?

    in like the last year i have really started to take every diaper i put on and thoroughly stretch it out in like every direction to begin to account for the stretching the diaper is going to undergo and even still stretch a little more when i put it on

    personally i typically like lay on the floor and try to get a good tight fit. what is everyones favorite type of diaper change?

    sitting in a chair?
    idk i figure if can sit i can lay down so i dont this often. i guess it comes in handy like in the car but then i always just never get a good comfortable fit....almost a little too tight lol

    like changing against a wall?
    i find hard to powder right. ive started to therefore powder the rear of the nappy before i put on idk only in public circumstances when i have to use a private restroom.....and ill go find one or at least one thats very private lol

    so laying down...

    On the floor or on your bed if you can?
    ive been having good luck with these dry 24/7's on the bed and its way may comfortable that way i guess i do the floor if i dont want to get to much powder on the sheets if im like leaving or something

    sorry i guess that a long wording lol i dont know i kind of just got on a thought and went with it.....

    so what are your preferences?

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    Usually put my nappy on lying on the bed. I open up the nappy and if in a hurry put baby lotion and then baby powder over the nappy. I lie back over it and do up the tapes.

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    I usualy lie on the bed if home, if im out in a public bathroom for instance i change standing, it is not so hard if you practice a few times, you need to know beforehand where to stick the first tape, on the tenas it is easy as the pattern helps you to learn where it is correct, i start with fixing one of the bottom tapes, after you just fix the bottom tape on the otherside and the top ones,

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    Most of the time, It's laying down for me, It's easier to get a good fit for the lower tabs.
    I lay the diaper on the bed, put some booster if I want, I spay some baby powder on the back of the diaper and some cream on me if needed. I lay on the diaper, put more powder on the front and close the tapes.
    However, I found out that putting the higher tapes after I stood up makes for a better fit, especially if I'm going to move a bit around.

    If I'm out, it's leaning against a wall while squatting a bit to be as close as possible to the position I have when lying down.

    I tried to put one one while sitting and it's highly confusing for me, I can't get a good fit whatever I do. It's not for me, I think.

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    Generally I'll put on a t-shirt first so I don't get cold if I have to put my back against the floor, then lay the diaper down on the ground, open it up and stretch it out a bit. I'll sit down on it, pull up the front, and usually pull it forward or slide it back a bit so the front is high enough to prevent any leaks if I go pointed up.

    Once that's done, I'll pull around the side (I usually start left), smooth it out, pull the back around and fasten the lower tape first, then the upper tape on that side. Then I'll pull the other side around, smooth it out, pull a little on the front and back to make sure the diaper is snug, and then again fasten lower followed by upper tape.

    This winds up with a consistently snug fit, although occasionally if I pull too hard on the first side, it can wind up slightly lopsided. Also, I tend to tape in an X pattern, with the lower tapes angled slightly up and the upper tapes either straight or slightly down. I think it helps the fit and prevents the lower tapes from ever sliding into skin as I move around or wet (I hate lower tapes into skin because it can be like removing a bandaid).

    I've tried diapering while standing against a wall a couple times. It's useful for getting a comfortable standing fit, but I find it harder to get it really snug than I do when I'm on the floor. And a snug diaper is very important.

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    I almost exclusively tape up while standing. It's faster, works when I have to change while I'm away from home, and seems to get me a very consistent fit. Every now and then I'll try to diaper up while laying down. It usually results in a looser / worse fit. It's too easy to do the tapes and think you have it right, then stand up, and feel my diaper shift and suddenly now it's loose because it wasn't placed quite right when I set the tapes.

    I've also noticed it's harder to see what you're doing while laying down. (unless of course you have someone changing your diaper for you

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    I usually put a changing pad on my bed and lay on top of that to change. If I am going to be wearing a pull-up, I put that on standing up.

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    Nowadays I can go full baby style if I want and lay on the floor and let it be handled by the snugglebutt with plastic floor protection and the like. When I handled it myself though, I just went into the bathroom and stood in the bathtub.

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    I lay down on my bed and get a good fit with depends maximum protection not hard to do

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    Leaning against a wall. It's how I put my diaper on 99% of the time.

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