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Thread: Abena L4 plastic backed vs Tena slip maxi large, what would you get?

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    Default Abena L4 plastic backed vs Tena slip maxi large, what would you get?

    So ive been away for a while, lifes been pretty busy. Anyways ive been wanting to order some good diapers. Im kinda down to abena l4's or tena slip maxis. for those who have used them both what would you rather have?

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    I find that the M4 fits better for me(250 lb's 38" inch waist). The most recent bag of Tena's I got had the tapes placed to close together, so the only way you got get a good fit was to duct tape them on.

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    I wear 24/7 and have used Abena's with a booster for years, with great results. In 8 years I've only wet the bed twice and my pants once, which is about as good as it gets, I think.

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    I'm 6'1 290lb and used to be a fan of the abena but have had so many pin hole problems I've switched to the Tena slip maxi and love them. Have a case being delivered Monday as a matter of fact.

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    While I have never tried Tena slips, I have never had any problems with abenas. I would highly recommend them.

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    I use both of them, just in their size Mediums. For my body I find the Tena Slip has a better cut and fit. The Abena is more boxy/square. For pure absorption, I would say the Abena level 4 is slightly better. The tapes however have been less reliable than the Tena Slip's.

    Both are great though. Enjoy!

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    There is pharmacy not too far away from me that stocks the Tena range and they have become my default nappy. Still plastic backed and the maxi holds quite a lot.

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    Abena used to be my favourite before they went cloth backing in Europe at least, I know you can now get plastic backed ones again abdlfactory if anyone doesn't know, but I have since moved on to comficare the price isn't to much more but shipping is going to be a bit of a killer if you are used to buying from a local retailer

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    I would go with Tena just because soon you will no longer be able to get them. Also for me the fit is better.

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