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Thread: Am I the only one who thinks these particular youtube videos dont fly with AB/DL's?

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    Default Am I the only one who thinks these particular youtube videos dont fly with AB/DL's?

    I was looking for one particular video tonight on youtube with regard to a long time AB's stated opinion on why they think that people get the wrong idea about ab's when it comes to kids! Ok everyone knows that AB/DL has nothing what-so-ever to do with kids. It would be hard enough to convince anyone of that but then in the process of looking for that video because there was something that I wanted to remember, I run into this one that apparently some person just commented on and I was going yes, yes thankyou! People put AB/DL videos online that have to do with something, their thoughts on a specific diaper, behavior, favorite outfit, etc but this youtube poster puts online a series of pictures that was like ten minutes long or something with the following. AB/DL stuff mixed in with grown guys "explicit packages", Gay stuff, & actual babies wearing diapers.......In the same video??? And then calls it an AB/DL video!
    OK I was thinking ok that just doesn't seem right and then I read this:
    ( Hopefully there is nothing wrong with quoting a youtube comment!)

    I feel like this needs to be said here. Charles there is nothing generally wrong with posting AB/DL videos online, lots of people do it. Everyone has their favorite photos they like looking at. But speaking as a member of the "AB" community you have a potentially serious problem here and I think in the end it does a dis-service to the AB/DL community at large. You have typcial AB/DL photos mixed in with pic's of plainly visible adult male genitalia along with several photos of actual little kids, toddlers, babies wearing diapers! What is your aim here guy? To people on the outside who cannot comprehend the "AB" mindset, dont understand it, dont want to understand it, they look at this and go, "Our suspicions are right, these AB/DL people are into kids ! " Again I believe that you do the AB/DL community "damage" when you mix in AB/DL, gay, sexually explicit images, and actual babies wearing diapers! What do you think the people on the outside are going to think when you write "Charles AB/DL pics" but then post the selection of photos that you have??? Dont add fuel to the fire friend by posting penis's with babies, know what I mean. Just my two cents. If I'm wrong here then someone feel free to let me know but this is not an AB/DL video as long as there are babies in diapers mixed in periodically with guys "junk". I believe the "AB/DL" community would agree and say this ain't cool Charles!
    Whoever this poster is I firmly believe that their right!!!! IN AB/DL stuff that's posted on youtube how the heck would someone "as an AB" defend a video like that to someone that their trying to explain "AB/DL" to?
    Call me crazy but you dont mix photos of babies in diapers with adults in diapers along with Gay oriented items and guys junk as this youtube poster said and I for one completely agree. I have seen stuff like this before online and thought what is that person thinking?? But I never really knew what to write even though I really wanted to set the person straight. This girl/guy who wrote this, I think their dead on. Someone tell me am I completely wrong or do you agree?

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    I don't know which video this is (link would be helpful) or who the commenter is, but obviously anyone who puts pictures of actual kids next to ones of adult genitalia is going to arouse serious suspicion about being a paedophile. I can't comment as to whether or not this person is a misguided, creepy ABDL or someone using our community as a legitimate front for darker urges, because I don't have a clear idea of the context.

    That said, people outside our community would do well not to equate the actions of one weirdo to an entire community - just as religious extremists aren't a fair reflection of most people of their faith.

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    My facebook friends feed has pics of my buddies and their kids....some in just diapers. That's cool. Now if it was a youtube vid that just had random photo's of kids(fully clothed as hell) mixed in with AB/DL/porn stuff, I'd report the shit out of them.

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    I wonder what is the off chance that someone wanted to put AB/DL's in a bad light and happens to be going as far as to pretend to be a AB/DL and do stuff like this in order to justify further action to be taken against the AB/DL community? I somehow doubt that though, but that is still possible. Yeah I know there are some really sick and stupid people out there that think stuff like that is alright when it is not. Yeah most people outside the community probably don't realize that the AB/DL's you hear about usually happen to be the exception rather then the norm of the whole community. This is why I use Correlative empirical data rather then the actions of one person.

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