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Thread: tips on messing

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    Default tips on messing

    I just kind of gotten the urge lately to start messing a little more, not constantly but every once in a while, but I don't really know where to start for any good tips. For example after I would mess my diaper I'm just left with a dirty diaper that will need to be changed but I am not good with changing a dirty diaper especially one that i'm wearing and I just use what seems like 100 baby wipes and then put a clean diaper on and dispose of my dirty one. I don't know if there is an easier way to do this.
    By the way for those that don't know, I wear goodnites so it is impossible to preform a diaper change like a baby would have where the diaper has the sides that can be re-taped.

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    Messing in something like Goodnites isn't a thing I'd recommend but, if you do want to, I think the two biggest points are making sure you have plenty of privacy and plenty of time. Last thing you want is getting caught or someone walking in on a lingering smell.

    Other than that, yeah, as long as you're making sure you have enough wipes etc to clean up with, I can't think of anything off the top of my head that would be a great tip. Maybe if lingering smells are an issue a little can of air freshener or similar thing might come in handy!

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    Most members here, including myself, suggest taking a shower in the cleaning up process. If you can't do that, then you're stuck with the many baby wipes or toilet paper, which is no fun. There are no easy solutions here if a shower is not possible.

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    Goodnites aren't meant to be pooped in, even by members of their target age group. The crotch is much narrower than even a baby diaper. You'd be scarcely worse off pooping a G-string.

    EDIT: Well, ok, that's a tad disingenuous, especially coming from somebody who likes to use baby/kid diapers himself (if only for "number one"). Suffice it to say that you really are talking about a "mess" here, more so than you would be with a poop-ready product.
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    I messed once (By sheer accident no pun intended) it wasnt plesent.

    A goodnite would be a pain to clean up its not ment to carry poop loads. Get some regular diapers that would be better. Hell get one of those pull up kind of diapers they would be better than a goodnite.

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    Do it at home first. You don't want to be out in public and have other people around you smell you mess. They shouldn't have to be put through smelling someone's dirty diaper. Use an actual tape on or pin on diaper. As mentioned, pull on disposable underpants aren't really meant for messing in - only an actual diaper is designed to hold a sizable mess. Be aware that there are many consistancies to your bowel movements. Firm hard stools may feel worse comming out but may be a lot easier to clean up in a diaper. Loose stools can squish all over and really fill a diaper and be a lot harder to clean up after. They can be really smelly too! Best to do the first time is use an actual diaper, be at home alone with pleanty of time for clean up and to air out the house before roomates or family comes home. Prepare ahead of time with some plastic trash bags to bag up your messy diaper. If it's your very first time, I would not"save up" for a couple days so you have a huge mess. You want to make sure whatever you mess will not overload your diaper unless you are used to that and prepared for it. Otherwise you may find yourself washing sheets, cleanning up the floor, furniture and whatever if your diaper leaks a mess. As many have said, it's easier to clean up in a shower, especially if you have a hand held shower head. Clean as much mess off with what's left of your diaper first (doing it standing in the shower stall), bag up the dirty diaper and shower off making sure there are no chunks left that are too large to go down the drian. Use pleanty of soap and a wash cloth to scrub! It can get into your pores and later you may feel like you still smell a little if you don't really scrub yourself clean, especially if you sweat a little.

    Air out the house and dispose of your bagged up diaper outside in the trash as soon as possible. Once you have done it a few times and find out how you like it and the best way to clean up, you can move on to bigger loads and such. Plastic pants over a disposable can help a little keeping the smell down and the mess contained, but they can still leak with a really big load. If you decide you like pooping and do it on a regular bases, you may want to look into Nullo tablets or some pills to take regularly that help eliminate the smell, especially if you plan on doing it when out among other people. Remember it may be a lot harder to try and change and clean up a messy diaper when away from home in a restroom instead of a shower stall.

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    Goodnites, I do not think you'll get far using one of those, if it has to be goodnites, then you will certainly need a shower and an assload of wipes (that's not meant to be a joke, but it was better than my first attempt, shitton). As for disposal, make sure to get rid of it as soon as possible, and you have to make sure to get rid of any "evidence".

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    Remember, diapers don't absorb mess; they only contain it. So, a Goodnight or something like that won't do you very well, as there's very little material there to actually keep things contained. You don't really need a premium diaper, either, since again, you won't be using the absorptive capability unless you remain messy long enough to soak the thing too. I would echo the suggestions of showering when you want to clean up. It will take too long, too much paper, too many wipes, and be too annoying to do it another way. And, you'll still have that residual smell about you when you're done. Take a shower, scrub well, and you'll smell like a fresh shower instead of like you've just messed yourself. Bag the diaper in a plastic grocery bag and throw it right outside into your trash dumpster or wheelie bin or whatever name/receptacle you have.

    And of course, do it when you know you can take enough time to enjoy it and not worry about going out or having someone walk in on you or whatever.

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    I've messed in Good Nights before, and they're not as bad as other people are saying. Though I'd still definitely recommend showering afterwards (regardless of whether you poop in a Good Night or a high quality diaper) to clean up. And definetly make sure you bag the used diaper and dispose of it properly so the smell doesn't spread and bother anyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsmax View Post
    I've messed in Good Nights before, and they're not as bad as other people are saying. Though I'd still definitely recommend showering afterwards (regardless of whether you poop in a Good Night or a high quality diaper) to clean up. And definetly make sure you bag the used diaper and dispose of it properly so the smell doesn't spread and bother anyone else.
    I'd like to echo this. ^^

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