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Thread: Are Goodnites good diapers

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    Default Are Goodnites good diapers

    i just wanted to know if goodnites are good diaper

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    They're good, I find them very comfortable the absorption isn't bad, and they hold quite a bit, but as plevy said they're a bit expensive

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    They are a good starter and basically the "pull-ups" method of a diaper itself. It's equivalent.

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    Pull-ups in general, meh. They don't do it for me. I suppose it's because I have no attachment to them; I never wore pull-ups potty training and I wore normal diapers for bedwetting.

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    I want to see if the tru- fits are like. Typical goodnites are ok

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    I think that the tru-fits absorbs as much, if not more, than the regular Goodnites.
    And with less accidents/leakage too.
    Another plus side, you can use the inserts as boosters for larger diapers

    Quote Originally Posted by VAGuy123 View Post
    I want to see if the tru- fits are like. Typical goodnites are ok

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    they're awful. if ur a grown man they won't support ur junk an will leak everywhere on even a decent stream. don't think I've worn em since the eighthgrade

    ur better going with like rite aide fitted brief if looking for cheap store bought

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    they are good for dribbling, not conscious wetting as they end up absorbing slower than other diapers.

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