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Thread: My City in Lockdown

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    Default My City in Lockdown

    Yesterday was a day of tragedy and horror here in Ottawa. I spent the day in lockdown at my office with my coworkers after a soldier was shot.

    It began around 10:00a.m. when a soldier guarding the Unknown Soldier at the War Memorial was shot and killed by an individual believed to have terrorist motivations. Several others were seriously wounded. The individual then made his way into Parliament which was located up the street and fired about twenty shots. He was taken down and killed by an RCMP veteran.

    The downtown core in which I live and work was shut down by the police as they searched for others who may have been involved. It wasn't until late last night that they determined the crime was the act of a lone individual.

    Our city is slowly returning to normal, although there will be a period of mourning over the loss of life of an innocent soldier. There are also a lot of questions about how easily a shooter carrying a long gun made his way onto Parliament Hill and into the lobby after already having shot a soldier across the street. Mostly there will be questions, and hopefully answers, as to what caused him to do this.

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    No one really knows what goes on inside an individual's head when he cracks. If he cracked. Perhaps it is terrorist related. I'm sure the RCMP will have more answers when they search the guys house/apartment and computer. Good to hear you're OK. I know what it's like to have a lockdown at work as it happened to me a few years ago after a shooting nearby. So many questions and the answers are slow to follow.

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    At least your ok. To everyone here including me, that's the best sign of relief.

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    its sad that one unhappy nimrod can mess up a day for so many. Not sure the labels (terrorist, crazy, etc) matter.

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    I'm glad you made it through yesterdays ordeal ok. Now you folks should be able to go forward with a little more vigilance.

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    Very sorry that you and everyone in Ottawa had to go through such a stressful situation. Here's to hoping that the government and people of Ottawa will be able to figure out how and why this happened and how to make it less likely to happen again. I also hope this can be done without pushing people toward living in fear of each other. Yes, bad things happen sometimes. Prudent use of security measures is important. But, living in constant fear does more harm than good.

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    Personally I could not care less for the sensibilities of others (the fine people of Ottawa) in this incident, my sympathies are solely for the family of the one true victim.

    Unlike America, Canada has very strong gun control laws so I doubt any answers lay there. It would not surprise me though if this was an act of political terrorism. I know that Canada like Ireland, needs to take it's head out of the sand with respect to international criminals.

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    It wouldn't surprise me to see some changes made around security on Parliament Hill. The shooter made it as far as the area where the Prime Minister and opposition parties were meeting in caucus, and they were at significant risk of being shot if he had gone into one of the meeting rooms. Canada itself is a safe, peaceful country. Ottawa is one of it's largest metropolitan city and there have been only four murders in the year of 2014.

    It does concern me that the government has labelled this an 'act of terrorism' without having all the facts about the shooter. From what I've heard he was an isolated individual with evidence that there were mental health issues. It bothers me to see political parties using tragedies like this to further their own ideological beliefs and political agenda. Making these assertions without all the details verges on fear mongering. The world is not black and white and there are often many factors that led to his actions. I just want to know more details before I jump on the bandwagon. I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this.

    For all the tragedy yesterday, I was also really miffed (selfishly, I confess) about the fact that I had a hearing yesterday representing a tenant in a court case in which we spent nearly two months putting our case together. We were soooo ready to proceed and really disappointed when we were informed hearings had been cancelled. Damn!

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    I guess Canada isn't quite used to this sort of ordeal. America hardly bats an eye at this stuff anymore, we just go about our daily business and maybe or maybe not someone will say "hey, did you hear about that mass shooting down in x?" and then we will continue our day like nothing happened, only to reply to the question with "yeah that sucks."

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    Now I guess north of the boarder now has a real Islamic terrorist problem. I have many Canadian relatives on my Dad's side of the family.

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