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    I know there's some folks that like nappies to make a noise, but I need them to be as quiet as possible. My wife knows about my wearing but doesn't approve of me wearing around her and I've twice been given away by supposedly quiet items.

    First time I was wearing a Drynite under my pyjama bottoms and passed her on the stairs while she was bending down tying her shoelace - I was unlucky here, her head was level with my bottom!

    Next time I was wearing Always Discreet pants, again under pyjama bottoms and she heard me when turning over in bed - so much for discreet.

    I think even clothed backed are noisy because they all need the waterproof plastic layer. Although Underjams have a kind of rubbery waterproof layer - and that is genuinely silent. Possibly Tena Protective Underwear Discreet as they seem to have a rubbery layer as well - although i'm not sure if this is just to make the pants fit / stay up, rather than waterproofing.

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    Perfect ways of covering up crinkleness is wearing underwear over the plastic to reduce the sound and level the rest of the sound with a candy bar wrapper inside your pocket. Another method is folding the plastic inside your diaper so the sound is not heard.

    Pretty much, anything with tight fabric that fits over the crinkling diaper will do the trick to reduce the sound in general.

    There are some diapers that do not make much noise like the M4's. The sound quality of those things are like 1.3 which is not very loud, even exposed. You can tell the higher the plastic tips, the louder it will probably make.

    Here's a good website you should look at: This cover's four steps on a diaper you should get.

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    If you're willing to give taped style diapers a try over pull ups--it actually seems that they can often times be even quieter than a pull up would.

    For myself I think the reason for this is because I tend to tape diapers on much snugger than a pull on would ever fit, so the material is less likely to crinkle.

    You can (with experience) even put on something like a plastic backed bambino and make it surprisingly discreet/quiet with a bit of careful taping.

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