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Thread: Worried about friends that know leave you?

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    Default Worried about friends that know leave you?

    So, if you have told someone about this side of you, are you afraid about maybe going into bad terms with them, then they open their mouth?

    Only one person knows about this part of me. She is my girlfriend. We hardly argue, we've been dating for a year and have been friends for a couple years before that, and we plan on living our entire lives together. Now, some people may say we're young and that we rushed, but we care about each other a lot, and I think we'll do fine.

    She wouldn't tell a soul when we're on good terms. But what if she gets angry one day? God forbid, what if we split up? This won't be my main worry if something happens, and I doubt we will, but I'll wonder about it. A lot.

    In short, Are you worried about someone you told about this to say anything, to be on bad terms, or maybe speak from experience?

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    Unless you broke up under very bad circumstances I doubt she would ever tell.

    Either way I wouldn't worry about it, it's not something you have control over. Best to cross that bridge if you ever come to it, when you come to it. The factors involved on why someone would tell and how to damage control it are to circumstantial to predict and plan for in advance.

    I think only one other person on forums ever had a girlfriend tell there family about them, and they played it off as her just making crap up if I remember correctly //was long time ago so I can't remember for sure how that went or if it was hypothetical.

    Anyway, hopefully every thing will work out fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pizza
    In short, Are you worried about someone you told about this to say anything, to be on bad terms, or maybe speak from experience?
    Haven't told anyone yet, tho I came close ones or twice.

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    It's a very real concern and you shouldn't dismiss it, but it's also a low percentage scenario. Do your best to be a good person and be kind and considerate to your girlfriend and others. Even if it turns out that it doesn't work for one reason or another, you can part on amicable terms and avoid any bad breakup problems.

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    Being outed is one of the very big reasons I don't tell anyone. The only two people who know are my wife and my best friend from college. He and I were a couple, so I knew I could tell him. It actually came about when I was talking about joining a blog site and he asked, which one. Of course it was this one.

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    The first person that I told about my DL side was my girlfriend at the time. We ended up not staying together for many reasons, but she has always kept it to herself. I am sure that she has told her friends that she used to date someone who was into diapers, I mean we all like to share our stories about our exs, but I highly doubt she ever drops names.
    The fear of being outed by someone is one that we all share, but I like to think that it is an irrational fear. Maybe I am being naive, but I like to think that if you become close enough to someone that you share a part of yourself that is only known to them, that they would honor that secret. That they would value it as the treasure that it really is.

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    All of my twitter friends know now. I was really slow to come out to them even though I've come to learn real friends don't judge. And coming out as AB has gotten me a new friend there, even though I've followed her twitter for ages now. I consider myself real lucky and blessed.

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    I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand, I don't like the idea of telling any of my friends about this, because if we were to argue, it's something which could effectively be used against me, considering the way much of the public feels about ABDL (largely due to misinformation, but that's another debate altogether). For that reason, the only person who knows the full truth is my GF, and whilst a couple of people know I like some kid-ish or babyish things, they're totally unaware of 90% of what constitutes my Little side.

    On the other hand, it seems rather sad to go through life hiding an important component of your personality from the people you love, purely because you're worried they'll use it against you if you were to argue, or you worry that they simply might not accept you any more. I guess some my friends would be understanding about my AB side, but chances are if I were to tell a few people, one of them wouldn't take it well, and the potential consequences are (at least theoretically) quite serious. I wouldn't say I prefer to keep this side of me hidden, but I think it's the sensible thing to do.

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    I used to keep it hidden. These days, I keep it private. It's a subtle distinction and on the surface it's the same but the difference for me means that while I'm not going around sharing it willyl-nilly, if someone learns of it, it's not a tragedy and I will deal with it. So far, privacy has served me pretty well and I haven't had to put the above statements to the practical test. Knowing myself as I do, I think getting past the initial shock, I will be alright to deal with it.

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    I'm dealing with this issue at the moment, deciding whether or not to tell a close friend. She's a potential caregiver, so that makes the decision especially difficult!

    I've avoided telling her thus far because I know that once "the secret" is out, it's out. I cannot effectively control the consequences once I tell her.

    Granted, you could compare this to a lot of other things in life ... for example, if I choose to get in my car, I might have an auto accident. I accept the risk of those unfortunate consequences every time I put the key in the ignition.

    With this little secret, on the other hand, many of us have something more at risk. You really cannot predict what someone will do with your information or how they'll use it. I imagine the odds of a friend misusing this information about me are greater than the odds of having an auto accident, which isn't exactly a comforting thought.

    I just know I cannot "take back" anything I say to this friend. That fact has made me hesitant to tell her to this point.
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    These are all really good points. All my life I've told myself this would be a secret I would take with me to my deathbed, telling no one along the way. Then me and her got close. Words wouldn't describe how nervous I was, and needless to say, I freaked out while telling her. Pretty badly. Then she freaked out. But after that I relaxed, apologized, she asked questions and things were awesome again. She even said I could wear, she just said it'd be weird to see me doing it. But even with that super shaky start she came to understand it. But I realized a few things which made me tell her. One was that I was sick of hiding this. I started to lose my mind a little bit, after being so ashamed with no one to discuss it with. Another was I knew things with me and her were getting serious. How fair would it be if I hid something this big from her for an extended period of time? So much made me want to do it.

    I guess just judge if they're the right person or not very carefully. Some people I trusted more than I used to trust her I sure as hell don't trust with this nowadays.

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