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Thread: Meet & Greet Social Events on the Calendar

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    Default Meet & Greet Social Events on the Calendar

    We've just concluded our annual TeddyCon in Allentown/Bethlehem Pennsylvania, and our annual "Camp Abdulia" in Portland Oregon, that were attended by hundreds of friendly ABDL/IC people. - Sorry we missed meeting You, but keep an eye on the Calendar for some more upcoming events in 2014 if You would like to meet and socialize with others.

    Please add any other events at which attendance is open to members of the adult ABDL/IC Community.

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    I'd love to attend the upcoming Spring Break Abdulia - only been a tiny bit active in the Fetlife group, but it would be awesome if I'd be able to attend since I live around the Seattle area. Might have to try to be a bit more active to demonstrate that I'm not completely insane and safe to be around

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    KatelynG - First ask Coi_Koy if its okay to post the details here, for those ABDL/IC and Ageplayers Under the age of 35 years old, once MOO allows the many, many events in 2015 to be posted. - The calendar for 2015 is not yet available. -

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    Well we're living now in Allentown,
    and it's hard to keep a good man down.....

    My college SO was from Allentown. His dad was vice president of Bass Trucking, a long time ago. Your meet has brought back a lot of good memories. He and I used to go to a head shop in Allentown, but I'm sure that's all gone by now, just like the last of the hippies.

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    dogboy - Bethlehem and Easton are still very bohemian places. - We've recently been visited by Mikhail Gorbachev, Richard Starkey (Ringo), Janis Ian, and the Dalai Lama during their extended visits here, just to name a tiny few. - and "Woodstock" is an annual festival here in town that we call "MusikFest". - C'mon out to the movies with us.

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