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Thread: What's Your Favorite Place to Buy "Little" Clothes?

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    Default What's Your Favorite Place to Buy "Little" Clothes?

    I have 2 onesies from baby-pants and severallll footed pajamas - but I want something a little less flashy than binkies and bows but a little more than just a onesie ... any ideas?

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    Not sure if they deliver to the U.S., but I like Cosy 'n' Dry. Their little clothes are excellent quality and they have a good selection of little 'outfits' (satin sailor suits for boys, rompers for girls, a few cute t-shirt and shorts all-in-ones). Always seem to get the measurements right for custom size things as well - which is annoyingly rare for ABDL clothes sites. They also have some nice accessories, but annoyingly all their pacies and bottles are NUK 5 which are too big for my particularly small mouth!

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