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Thread: --Diapers Paradise right here!!---

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    Exclamation --Diapers Paradise right here!!---

    --Thousands upon thousands :O lol--

    we should all chip in and start a business together what ya think?

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    This comes up from time to time...

    And it's what places do...source a product from china...I've done it as well albeit not Abdl related at all...

    The issues are many...but not insurmountable...

    #1 Samples, Improvements, sizing, etc...
    You'll need to get samples, and then go through the proces of getting them setup the way your clientele want them, and the sizes, colors, designs, thickness, absorbency, percent of sap/fluff....etc....

    #2 Write a full very detailed proposal on the sale of the goods...Chinese are very good as cheapening up a product but still technically conforming to the order details...and it's always done with no notice...

    #3 Define terms, payments, returns, fob, transit times, and shipping costs, production and delivery dates...penalties as well

    #4 wait...quite often it will take some time for your container of stuff to be produced...then shipped...

    #5'll most likely have some sorta tariff/tax...

    #6'll need somewhere to receive the shipment with the facilities to store on siteor transport to another facility...if you end up keeping a container too long it costs you money...

    Now, that you have the product, you'll need to sell it and ship it...

    It's doable, and is done every day...but it's work...risky...and you will need quite a bit of working capital...

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