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Thread: AB Universe going out of business?

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    Question AB Universe going out of business?


    Say what you want about ABU and its shipping and other supposedly clandestine associations with it, but it ostensibly appears that the company is on its way out.

    For one thing, ABU has not offered any new promotions since March, diapers appear on the site but they are rarely stocked.

    The consumer online chat feature has been disabled since around May.

    A few of their products say "Expected September 2014". Well it is almost November and I'm wondering if they simply haven't updated it or if they are having major problems.

    These days I'm rarely active as a DL, and I'm very seldom on ADISC. Nevertheless, I remember ABU being almost the 'El Primo' ABDL store back in the earlier part of the decade.

    You can argue that there are better options for ABDL stores these days, and it's a sign of a weakening economy, but I'm wondering if there's any external or internal factors contributing to its apparent decline.

    Does anyone know what is going on?
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    There are reports that they've moved shop and have possibly changed ownership. Apparently some recent orders have been coming from a new city. Whether they've improved or not is still an open question.

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    I hope they have changed ownership and improved. Those Super Dry Kids diapers are the exact print I had on the last diaper I ever wore as a baby. I remember staring at those images for SO long. I'd really like an adult sized pair so I can wear them again.

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    if they truly did switch owners. it is not an easy proses to move over. it can take upwards of 3 months or more just for the new owner to get used to everything and get it back on track. now i know for a long time ABU was running as a 1 man operation and it is extremely hard to impossible to run a company with so much demand to just one person so if there is a new owner, i hope that owner was smart to bring in a few extra people.

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    With this type of business, it is hugely tempting to cash out when sales come in. The problem with doing that is you then have nothing left to reinvest. It appears to me that ABU entered in to that very cycle.

    They need enough cash to keep feeding the business (and themselves) until the point where the warehouse is emptying just as the next shipment is coming in - and at that stage I dare say there are megabucks to be made.

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    The economic times aren't to blame. Their terrible customer service, their questionable antics, and those pre-orders that seen like an eternity to get.

    I feel no sympathy for them. I really don't care about a company that treated it's customers the way they did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    The economic times aren't to blame. Their terrible customer service, their questionable antics, and those pre-orders that seen like an eternity to get.

    I feel no sympathy for them. I really don't care about a company that treated it's customers the way they did.
    This. They've had varying issues since they came online and bambino has no issues selling their stock so it's not like there's no demand/"economic times" are to blame.

    It's just that what they offer is done better elsewhere and they taken little if any steps to actually be competitive.

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    Default AB Universe going out of business?

    Good riddance once they're gone. I'm a bit surprised they managed to last this long. I didn't care for their products long before their stupid drama started up--and changing their name isn't going to affect my opinion of them.

    I sincerely wish they would just fade into another vague bad memory in the ABDL world already, hopefully other newer companies learn from their example of how NOT to operate and let the natural selection of the marketplace do its thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    I can't wait till they go out of business

    -Quote by EP01
    Ironically me and EP01 never agreed on much and this was one of the few things we where in total agreement on I think. That is saying something considering the differences of opinion we had of each other. I bought a case of ABU sissies from them once really early this year I think. I almost had to wait for 3 months to be able to get them. Basically what happened was I never got a tracking number from them until months after the delivery was made. If I did not have that tracking number I would not be allowed to pick up the package unless I was there at the door when they arrived. Essentially I would need that tracking number in order to pick them up so I could prove that the order was intended for me. I was running late on my way out the door when they arrived. I never ordered from them again. I learned recently (at that time) some of their barely legal operations. Also here's a reliable site where you can buy ABU diapers from without doing business with ABU. I hear they have decent service from other people here on ADISC and I have heard little about Disposable Medical Express that was bad.

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