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    Me and my friend who is a girl 2 years older is really getting into the abdl lifestyle we wear quite a bit when we hang she pees in her diapee and I change her and her and I fool around in diapers allot. But we don't have sex we do call each other mommy and daddy allot and she is new at changing diapers because he gets the tabs mixed up so I was thinking that I could be her daddy but I want to be a good Dom as well I want to dominate her and spank her and punish her if she is a bad girl and wash her mouth out with soap and make her stay in her wet diaper for an hour this is us

    Me: if you ever tell a lie to daddy I will find out and give you a spankin an wash your mouth with soap

    Her: lol okay daddy

    Me: I am not kidding I'm your daddy and your my daughter I am nice if you went me to be but I can be mean and make you stay in a wet nappy for an hour

    "Okay daddy I understand."

    This is gonna be fun I am gonna go all out!!!!

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    Geez, I'm glad you weren't my dad. Now my mom.........

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    Just make sure you guys know each others' limits and PLEASE ESTABLISH A SAFEWORD. Other than that, have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabySandshrew View Post
    I want to dominate her and spank her and punish her if she is a bad girl and wash her mouth out with soap and make her stay in her wet diaper for an hour this is us
    Awesome, but please discuss this with her beforehand. You need to have a long conversation, establish boundaries, and establish a safeword! If she says the safeword, STOP. If you do this without her consent, do not respect her boundaries, or (especially) ignore the safeword, you are pushing the boundaries of sexual assault. Have fun, but please talk with your partner and take proper safety precautions. And don't assume she wants you as a dom just because you've been talking about the ABDL lifestyle - BDSM is an entirely different thing and interest in one does not imply interest in the other. Don't assume anything. Take all the proper precautions so you can have safe play that is fun for both of you!

    It's just that based on this thread, you're showing a lot of signs of being the type of dom who doesn't respect boundaries. I could assume that you've already talked with her, have a safeword, know what each other are interested in, and have clear boundaries, but you didn't say anything about talking with her other than what sounds like starting BDSM play without any discussion beforehand (which is dangerous). Lots of people new to BDSM are jumping into things without proper precaution (as they always have) which lends itself to some potentially really bad situations.

    Once again: talk to your partner before you do anything BDSM-related, especially something that involves physically attacking/restraining them such as washing their mouth out or spanking them.

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