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Thread: Musicians

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    yes... though I haven't written anything in years due to not really having any motivation

    I've done a lot of cover songs, though

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    I myself am a piano player, organist, guitarist, drummer, percussionist, saxophone player, banjo player, harmonica player, and I sing.

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    I'm a degreed classical musician, organ, keyboard, voice and conducting. At one time I was the back up accompanist to Cleveland Orchestra Chorus under Dr. Robert Page. I've played concerts all over and have been played on Public Radio, WVTF. I also played in a very good cover rock band for 15 years. I've played for as many as 20,000 at The Garlic Festival in central Virginia. Presently, I'm a Methodist Minister of Music.

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    I had several years of classical guitar when I was a teen (though I really wanted to play either folk or rock and roll). I also took a smattering of trumpet lessons (my grandfather was a trumpet player and gave me his instrument) and even some accordion. At much insistence I got my parents to invest in a old lowery organ (they had a piano my mom and sister played). I self taught on that (it came with a self-instruction course). In college, I made the transition to a piano...I bought an old used Fender Rhodes. Later I got into synthesizers, having a DX-7 and some Roland stuff and then working on computer generated stuff using Gigastudio. I finally bought a Disclavier grand piano (DC5) and that's what I primarily play now.

    The only public performance I've made is in church. I was the third string backup for service music when they were really desperate though I played a few specials (memorial service, as the music director was not a big organ fan, most service music was piano) and did some coffee house benefits at the church.

    Is that the garlic festival at the Rebec winery? I've been to that winery but I've never managed to make the festival.

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    During high school and into college, I worked as a wedding musician. In this capacity, I was an oboist. I was also in marching band as a Sousaphone-ist throughout college. Never have been a football fan, but I loved doing halftime shows. Since college, my music hobby has diminished quite a bit. I have dabbled in composition and created a few of my own trance pieces using Garage Band and other software. I'd love to get an Electribe sometime. Those look like a blast.

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    I always wanted to learn how to play some instruments, I played baritone and tuba in school. I never really gotten a chance to pick up I anything, life is so full of work.

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