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Thread: Hi from CT!

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    Default Hi from CT!

    Hi everyone, I was accused of being a lurker lol but I suppose now is as good a time as ever to introduce myself. My name is Rohan and I am from CT, I attend UConn currently but am a graduating senior this semester!! Lol I cannot wait to graduate, but I think I may actually miss all the good times in college and all my fraternity brothers and friends...oh well!

    Anyway so I also work full time at IBM as well as own my own company. That ends up taking basically all my time so my only free time comes when I'm out at the bars with my buddies or chillin at my apartment. I have a wonderful and understanding gf, she isn't quite into it yet, but we have been dating for a while and she knows all about the fetish and has agreed to try it out. She really wants to enjoy it so we can share it, but she is not sure how possible it is, at least she is willing to try. I get to wear everynight to bed with her though which is fantastic!

    Anyway so I have lots of other interests like sports. I am a big airsoft fan, to the point where I was going to join the service. I have been told by many current and former military people of varying ranks and combat experience that I'd have done extremely well. Oh well, just another regret I will probably have later in life. My respect to all service members on the board btw.

    Well that is about all I can think of. Oh yea, I am a DL mostly not AB in case you were wondering. My apartment mates don't know..I think. Anyway I would not care if they found out cuz one is my best friend in the whole world and the other is a close friend also.

    Wow I just said way too much about my life lol. It would be cool if someone I know saw me on here and responded, which is why I don't hesitate to use my real name, etc. I really don't care what people think of my fetish. I have an amazing life, my gf is in med school, and together we are going to be very successful so...yea.

    Well its great to meet you all, I look forward to putting my two cents into everything lol and having meaningful discussions and chats. Feel free to contact me on yahoo at rgupta0721 or here. Talk to you all soon!

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    Hello, Rohan, welcome to ADISC. =)

    What do you do at IBM?

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    Hi Mesmerale, nice to meet you too!

    I currently am an Internal Communication Specialist, but I am working on an internal research project at the moment studying patterns of communications amongst the 380,000 employees in the company. My interests lie in Consulting and Sales however, which is hopefully what I will be doing post graduation

    thanks for replying so quickly, makes me feel loved!

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    Aww, no problem.

    .... Mesmerale has no idea what that means.

    Mesmerale must be preached in dumb-speak, please.

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    aww put it simply, I tell people in the company what my team is working on. But right now I spend my whole day creating excel spreadsheets and talking to an endless number of people for an endless amount of time about the spreadsheets. and i get to do all that while diapered since i work from home and all my meetings are teleconferences! yay!!

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    Lucky. =P

    I'm in stupid school all day, not diapered.

    Stupid school...

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    lol yeaa, high school sucked in that way. plus all the girls had to wear skirts (i didnt complain lol) but i can imagine that if there were any *b/dls they would not have been happy. im soooo happy to almost be done with school!! but dont worry, college is a blast, definitely live it up...diapered! its def a great time to meet cool people who are understanding and stuff too.

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    Nope, public school is awesome, or not so awesome. Girls wear APPROPRIATE clothing. xD

    (*secretly feels all warm and fuzzy inside*)
    Last edited by Mesmerale; 25-Jan-2009 at 01:37. Reason: 'where' to 'wear'... Brain freeze, weird.

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    lol yea public school..i dunno about least not around here! but private school is far worse!

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    Hehe. Believe me, we get scolded for wearing the wrong tops.

    Yeah, I'm done lying, lying isn't cool. Look at my profile. Eh, not lying.. More like, pretending.

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