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Thread: Wal-Mart Selling Footed PJs

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    Default Wal-Mart Selling Footed PJs

    I walked in a Wal-Mart in the Irving, Tx area off of Tx183 next to the George Bush Turnpike, and they had some footed PJs for adults. They had Superman and Batman that I recognized, but most options seemed to be for women though. I didn't spend time to check then out because I was with someone else.

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    I just wish they were big enough for me :P

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    Wal-mart Has been selling footed pajamas for several years now. I got a pair last year that had no feet cause the feet are way to small for the size they are. I plan on getting a pair this year and I plan on either making my own foot to put on it or just make it without the feet.

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    I have purchased them from wallmart and target over the years. They tend to be in the women's section though so I felt a little funny buying them.

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    I got some from target, they're zebra print with cute little feet that look like zebras, they're woman's, I'm completely asexual, don't judge me .

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    I saw the sleepers here in a Wal-Mart in Canada today and sorry I was not all that impressed. The ones on display were not footed and they just didn't do it for me. I will stay with what I have got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aby View Post
    stopped shopping at walmart, they are a horrible company.
    What makes you say that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aby View Post
    stopped shopping at walmart, they are a horrible company.
    I agree with you, but I won't stop shopping there anytime soon, I wish I could afford to never go there, but my tight budget doesn't allow me better options. You have to read and learn about how Wal-Mart works and manage their employees, sometimes they lock all the doors just after everyone has punched out and force the employees to work through the night to do some pf the work and they won't get paid because the punch doesn't work after the normal working hours, and if any of them refuse, they won't be welcome to work anymore. There was a real good documentary on Wal-Mart, quite sure its easy to find on youtube or somewhere else, lets just say this is one of the worst company in the world, but you can't beat their prices and it can't be stopped, its like tobacco companies.

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    Just work at a 24 hour Walmart. How can they lock you in? That would be illegal. They would be jailed for that.

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