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Thread: Looking for plastic and/or rubber pants

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    Default Looking for plastic and/or rubber pants

    Alright I am looking for either plastic or rubber pants. I have somewhat of a idea of what I am looking for but I have no clue where to get them. Basically I am looking for something that will last a decent amount of time and not have to be replaced any time soon with normal amounts of maintenance. I bought a cheap plastic pant once that lasted only about a month and I simply want to get something that is designed to last a long time. Please be advised I am a very large fellow who is 6'6" tall and I weigh 250 pounds with a waist size that is 44 inches when giving me advice because I can't really buy anything that does not fit.

    Please also be advised I am willing to pay extra just to make sure I get some decent mileage out of whatever I get because the previous ones where a total piece of crap that cracked far to early for them to be worth my while to buy again. I am looking for quality (particularly in regards to durability) first essentially.

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    I would recommend the Sani-Pants by Salk. They are reasonably priced and durable. I have a pair and they are the only ones I have that have lasted. You can get them at the link below (if it works). Otherwise you can go to XP Medical or Amazon and search for them by name.

    Hope this helps.

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    I never have to use plastic pants myself but you could try XPMedical.

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    Babykins 6mil thickness are what I get I hand wash mine in baby shampoo rinse well hang dry.
    Last me a long time.

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    Accepted, you need to try Fetware. They probably have the greatest selection of plastic and rubber pants available.

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    You might go to Amazon as they have a good selection. Good quality plastic pants are going to cost more. Body oils will deteriorate plastic pants, so you want to wash them after use. I use dish washing detergent while I'm taking my shower. Never put them in the dryer. I string mine on a plastic hanger and let them air dry.

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    Thank you all for your advice!

    I was going to buy some next month to help deal with leaks in general. Also my size certainly is not helping things either when it comes to plastic/rubber pants that fit. I will take a closer look at those sites you linked to me but I think I found roughly what I am looking for.

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    I bought both a vinyl, PUL, and a rubber pant from Babykins, the rubber is the real McCoy, and super comfy at night, best protection over a cloth or disposable I have found, but they get WARM! 50300R if you look at their site 16 gauge, and yes they are thick! 2 years old or maybe 3, and still look new, but used less frequently then the PUL ones I also have.

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    I use Suprima plastic pants, they are wide in the crotch and cover my diaper exceptionally good. They cost a bit more but a worth the price.

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    I've used plastic pants over my disposables for years and have found the 7 mil Fetware pants very good. The best are the German-made Suprima 7 mil plastic pants sold by B4NS. The Suprima plastic pants are the best, but you pay for it. They also tend to run large, which should be helpful for you.

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