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  • Paci

    28 73.68%
  • Passie

    2 5.26%
  • Pacifier

    13 34.21%
  • Soother

    1 2.63%
  • Soothie

    0 0%
  • Nukkie

    2 5.26%
  • Sucker

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Thread: What do you call your pacifier?

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    Question What do you call your pacifier?

    What do you call your pacifier, paci, binky, nukkie? Personally, I call mind my nukkie, it goes back to an interesting event I had in a subway twelve years ago that actual shaped a bit of my personality. It was the winter of 2001, our stove was broken because someone (May or May not have been me) decided it would be a good idea to use a fork and clean the igniter, well that someone got a bad shock and completely shorted out the oven, in other words, we couldn't cook good food. I was tasked with finding that nights meal for the family, I decided that we should all get ourselves some foot longs and chips and call it done, I was also tasked with going to the subway to buy the sandwiches. Keep in mind, I had just got my pacifier and would suck on it every chance I got (being pacifier deprived for 9 years can really make you indulge more), so I had it stowed away safely in my jacket pocket. Fast forward to the subway, my good friend nick worked there and it was around eight o'clock, they were out of onions so nick had to go to the back to get some (he was the only one there besides me). I decide that I should suck on my pacifier while he gets the onions, smart right?, wrong, he's gone for about ten seconds and comes back to me sucking on a bright pink pacifier in the middle of the sub shop. I had watched discovery channel earlier, so the only logical thing to do was lock eyes to establish dominance, all while sucking contently on my pacifier. He finally speaks, "ok, what's with the nukkie?" Is all he can say as we are locked in an intense stardown, "um, uh, I use it to taste sauces! Is all I could come up with. "I know that's a lie, but I really don't care, carry on" is all he says as he sits the onions down and starts to make my sandwiches.

    All in all, it was a pretty wild expireance, so I ask you, ADISC, what do you call you pacifier?

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    Just "paci" and "pacifier" do it for me.

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    I refer to mine as binky usually (but since I'm from Quebec, we have special terms for it) I call it ma suce (I really think this one is a Quebec only term for it, sometimes people also use the term bouchon, which would be translated to a bottle cap that would keep the little one quiet)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    Just "paci" and "pacifier" do it for me.
    Same here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    You forgot dummy, binkie, and other.
    I agree, strange options - strangely mine (soother) was on but much more popular words such as dummy, binky etc were not there?!

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    I voted paci - it's a cute word which has a babyish sound and it's the usual term for them on here. However, Mommy always calls it my 'dum-dum' (short for dummy) when we're in little space, so I see that as our special term for it and use dum-dum with her.

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    I usually just stick to pacifier, paci, or binky.. yes with a y.

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