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    Default Hi from little NZ

    Hi i live in New Zealand. Am a friend of an AB/DL. Wanting to learn more in order to support.

    Have worked for years in Resthomes/in home caring.

    Interests include reading, anthropology, psychology and hanging out with my mates

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    Welcome diploverlover! Whatever kind of information are you looking for, we can help. Is your AB/DL friend in a rest home? Is he/she related to you or a significant other? Is your friend a member here or does he/she not want to be?

    What kind of books do you like to read? I like action/adventure/mystery myself.

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    My friend is not in a resthome... Far from needing to be in one. He is no relation to me nor significant other .. Although am contemplating entering a relationship with him .. Hopefully. We have been friends for awhile and he has been a huge support to me through amputation and becoming a sole parent.
    He is a member of ADISC which is how I came aware if the site.

    As for reading I read anything and everything. Although the last year has been mainly textbooks LOL
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    Welcome to the site from a fellow Kiwi, as you can probably guess... :P Anyway, I do also enjoy reading and all that. I've done 3 days as a carer in a 'hospital-level' resthome and I have to say it really isn't for me.

    I'm pretty sure we all enjoy hanging with mates. Do you mind if I ask which island? I'm from fairly far South myself, although I care not to go into specifics online.

    Welcome anyway,

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    I'm in the north island... I enjoyed working as a career.... Miss the work....

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    You mentioned an amputation, that must be hard to overcome and would certainly limit your working in a rest-home.

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    Hey there, welcome to ADISC, it's neat that you joined to support your friend!

    I'm an Auckland AB/DL/Babyfur: it's always great to see more fellow Kiwis on here. Any questions I can help with, just ask

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    Welcome diploverlover. You are already finding out you have things in common with others here. Please wl us more about yourself.

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    Well.... I am a solo mum if a beautiful 4 year old. Currently studying towards a bachelor's degree in arts with a major in psychology and minor in history and rehabilitation services

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