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Thread: aww so cute pacifier order progress

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    Default aww so cute pacifier order progress

    Has anybody who ordered a pacifier from awwsocute heard anything about the progress of their order? I haven't, and I'm going to send a message to them to figure out what the hold up is, but I am curious.

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    I read someone's post the other day that their supposed to start shipping on 10-20-14. Don't remember who it was though.

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    interesting, well i guess i'll find out tomorrow then.

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    I ordered about a week ago and mine still says pending shipment. It would be nice if it ships this week. Now I wish I had bought a clip last week. I would hate to loose it. My Mam has no place for the clip so I keep leaving it when I stay places overnight.

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    There are special clips for the Mam that snap over it and work fine. I am using the 16+ and the clip works.

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    Just got this from them:


    Hi [Tyger],
    Thank you for your email and recently placed order with Aww So Cute. We are very excited about our new pacifier product. Your order was successfully placed and should ship out no later than Wednesday 10/22/14. Once your order is shipped out you will receive an email with tracking information. Also, to get your package to you quicker, we are upgrading your shipping service at no extra charge to you.
    Aww So Cute

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    Ok, I am waiting two more days. I bought a paci clip that fit must man tonight. I think I will like it a lot better with the Aww so cute pacifier though. It is a bit too big for slipping over the top so I had to thread it through the hole where the elastic is against my face all the time.

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    I got my tracking from them today through DHL. Hoping to get my blue one in by Friday for my Halloween party I'm having ^__^

    I've always had great service from them, even if shipping is not the most timely

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    My pacifier go shipped today from them, so I should have it in a few days.

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