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Thread: Worst. Diapers. Ever.

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    Default Worst. Diapers. Ever.

    My long road trip to the Southwest has been cancelled, but I still have a trip I have to take by myself. I was bound and determined to buy some diapers to wear in the car and in the hotel by myself. I know from my high school years when I was broke that buying diapers a very cheap way to do it... Cheap being the key word.

    I hit up Goodwill today and bought a pack of those clinical blue diapers (I'm sure some of you have seen them) for $5. My wife is off til 5, so I tried one on... It's thick and it seems like it might hold a lot of urine, but the tapes practically come right off as soon as you put it on.

    Maybe it won't be so bad while I'm wearing pants over them, but I'm pretty sure I'm just going to bite the bullet and go get some Attends even if they are 3x the price.

    Anyone else used these nightmares?

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    The M4's tapes rarely popped off so I did live that when I used to be padded half-ass at the time (Only happened to like 3/14 Abena M4's)

    Maybe don't buy cheap ass brands next time :3 Cheap doesn't exactly mean they will last forever it's subsequently the opposite.

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    I didn't have high expectations, but maybe I should have set my expectations way lower.

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    Everyone makes mistakes. The way I see it, if someone spots a diaper in a corner or something, most AB/DL's will stare for long periods of time. "Can this be a thing?"

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    We picked up some of those for my cub once. They weren't great but were only worn layered with other diapers, so they worked out okay.

    Personally, my worst have been Total Dry Plus. Low capacity, clumpy, bad plastic, and poor tapes. I think the worst is that I foolishly ordered a case without a sample (I liked their older version), so I got a lot of them. I'm finally down to my last two bags.

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    Diapers are like fan belts and brake pads you get EXACTLY what you pay for, annoying but true. Just had to throw that out there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenworthW900b View Post
    Diapers are like fan belts and brake pads you get EXACTLY what you pay for, annoying but true. Just had to throw that out there!
    Hmmm... In that case, would Bambinos be Brembos?
    But anyways, that's why I like pull-up style diapers. When I drive to work I wear Goodnites, and even though they're not very absorbent, when I walk into the convenience store people have no idea I'm in a diaper. Also, when I get to work I throw them into a plastic bag, use some deodorant 'down there' (if necessary) and get out of my car to work.
    My worst diapers... Probably most store-brand sleep pants. The old White Cloud sleep pants, before they became Underjams knockoffs, would have these annoying sides that had some kind of tubular construction in the middle so you can rip them off, but the absorbency and blank look made up for it. Now they rip off when you put them on. Ugh!

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    I put on another one of the diapers and immediately put pants on, and the tapes managed to hold up some. Still... Screw these awful things.

    Does anyone ever manage to find Attends at any stores not listed on their site? Particularly around Baltimore.

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