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Thread: Mikey is Back!!!!

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    Default Mikey is Back!!!!

    Im a very long time adisc user, i was around back in the days.
    Back in the day I would have considered diapers and being an baby more of a lifestyle as it was pretty much 24/7. Having an excepting girlfriend made my time spent being little more.

    Over the years my urge to wear and be little slowed down to little to nothing.
    That bothered me, most of it was due to my living situation. I became so use to not wearing at all that when I moved and was able to be myself, I found myself not wanting to. I have a friend in the lifestyle and she suggested trying hypno.
    At first I was a little skeptical, but she referred me to a local hypnotist. I decided to give it a try.

    Its actually going better then i thought, so well that I find myself wearing everyday that I can.

    Im back on the site and happy to be!!!

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    Welcome back, the mention of brings back memories of browsing the boards unregistered since I was too young!

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    Wow, too young for! I'm proud to say I joined ADISC when I was still 'underage' and suffered through the ban for 6 months.

    Welcome back!

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    Hi baby_mike. I remember you well. I suppose some things have changed on the site. It's good to get an old, even if you are young, member back. I hope you enjoy!

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    Welcome back Mikey! I am fairly new here, but it is always nice to see one come home!

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    Welcome back Baby_Mike. I also remember you.

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