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    Default New diaper brand at NorthShorecaresuppy

    Hello adiscers ! back in July I placed an order for the now discontinued abena M3 abri fourm plastic backed diaper . I placed the order on Amazon and noticed an ad on the side from northshore for the same thing, after clicking on it and going back to Amazon due to it being cheaper I bought it on Amazon . The time soon came to buy some diapers again, and near the end of my stash I got an unaccepted package in the mail . I opened it and inside it contained of two massively thick diapers of there new brand "NorthShore Supreme Briefs". These are thicker then the Abeba M4. The weird part is I have never ordered one of there products before so they would have my shipping address. I gave them a try and at first I'm thinking holy cow! These are thick and somewhat hard to walk in and somewhat of a bulge, and I have only a 32 inch waist ! Asides from this they are very comfortable for a plastic backed diaper and after wearing for a bit or walking around feels more comfortable , however if you ride a bike a lot like I do , I wouldn't recommend it for those kind of purposes unless you want the wegie type feeling . The good parts are #1: very good absorption and a very nice well done job on keeping the skin dry. #2: Reapplyable tapes .
    #3:excellent fit
    #4: smooth but strong durable plastic construction
    #5: doesn't feel like there is any irratating skin( with changing no more then an hour later , skin sensitiveness will have a say if prolonged in the diaper .)

    What else ? I don't know can't think of anymore.

    With all of this said and my opinion said I ordered a case of 60 , here are the pics Click image for larger version. 

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1413689539231.jpg 
Views:	481 
Size:	46.5 KB 
ID:	22152 back of diaper :Click image for larger version. 

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1413689589599.jpg 
Views:	261 
Size:	42.9 KB 
ID:	22153 inside of diaper :Click image for larger version. 

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1413689661652.jpg 
Views:	218 
Size:	35.6 KB 
ID:	22154 diaper folded up :Click image for larger version. 

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1413689733302.jpg 
Views:	247 
Size:	30.1 KB 
ID:	22155
    Hopes this helps if anybody is looking into these

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    I gave my first free sample a nice 16 hour test drive and loved every minute of it! Held a ton! Comfortable. Never felt like it was gonna leak even after 5+ good wettings! Solid tapes that didn't come off.

    Overall, a wise decision on NorthShore's part for sending me these samples because I will most likely be ordering a case after my next paycheck ^__^

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, I should mention that the sample I tried was a medium sized plastic backed supreme and my waist size is 31"

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    I tried one of the cloth-backed samples (they shipped 2 of each), wore it for about 6 hours while drinking about 1.75 liters of ice water. I'd rate it under Molicare Super Plus but far higher then ATN's.

    I'll probably be wearing a plastic backed one to Six Flags tomorrow.

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    ok here is my two sense i have been wearing the new northshore for the past 2 days and all i can say is wow this things are awesome. i personally believe that this diapers are far more absorbent than any diaper i have ever tried. this diapers are a 2 diapers in 24 hr type diaper. Im definitely sold on this diaper. as far as being noticeable under clothing again i feel that northshore took the market on that too. wear under a loose pair of jeans and i can not tell anything is under there. Contact them and have them send a free sample this is my diaper from now on

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