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Thread: Plastic pants hardening

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    Angry Plastic pants hardening

    Can anyone help me. I have many plastic pants and are stiff on one leg area. What is this and what can I do about it. Plastic pants are expensive for adults. Any help would be appreciated.


    Still in diapers and plastic pants

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    How long have you had them, hod do you launder them, and do you expose them to sunlight much?

    The thing about plastic pants is that there are a lot of stuff that can degrade the plastic and make them stiff or crack. Caring for them properly will delay, but never keep them from doing this. Even the zinc containing diaper rash creams or soap left on too long can actually start to degrade them. While repairing them might not be an option at this point, at least we can figure out what is going on to protect future pairs.

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    Do you wear them a lot and how are they cleaned?

    Try not to use anything that is hot(like hot water and dryers), that will ruin them fast.
    Also as said creams and ointments can make them wear fast too.

    Also they will just go that way with age and lots of wearing.

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    I hand wash my plastic pants and use baby shampoo rince well air dry them.
    Plus I buy the 6ml thickness from babykins mine last.

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    Anyhoo on a more serious note. You need some kind of dorsing creme to help like Lotion actually for example. That will make it alot easier.

    Have you measured yourself? Some bodies can shift very differently. One can have a leg pound bigger than the other. Bodies change shape, size and form everyday without us expecting. I would measure and come up with a solution. What you can do is put a paper towel over it to reduce the pressure where your leg problem is rather than using creme since it might slide of or make it extremely uncomfortable for you.

    I wouldn't repair the pants or anything because you might actually break them since they are fragile and plastic is very breakable (Well some brands) so that's not a good recommend tryout.

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    Sadly, the plastic in plastic pants all harden through time. They are derived from petroleum, and over time, petroleum products tend to revert. I wash mine when I'm taking my shower with dish detergent, another petroleum product. It works for a while, but sooner or later, they get a little harder and then they will split.

    You should look at it this way. Those who wear disposable diapers are spending a lot on diapers as they can only use them once. Cloth lasts a long, long time, so there's mostly the initial purchase cost. Plastic pants are expensive, but mine last for three or four months before they go. I think we're ahead of the game in terms of expense.

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    Baby-pants plastic pants are pretty inexpensive compared to a lot of places. Their PEVA plastic pants seem to last longer than the PVC. I've been having 2 pairs, the first I bought around 3 years ago, it hasn't hardened on me and I accidentally put a hole in it. I bought the other pair and it has been great as well. They are very crinkly. The only thing is that they aren't as smooth as PVC. They are less than $15 per pair and they outlast their cost compared to others. I highly recommend it.

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    Thank you for your help. I want to post a pic but trying to figure how do it. Thank you for your help.- - - Updated - - -

    Ok thank you for your input. I have som for years and other for a few months.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you for your help

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ok thank you

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    Mine seem to be fine, but I have noticed the plastic over the elastic has started to crack. I got the .07 mil and have had them about 5 months. I do not use them every day though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank9127 View Post
    Can anyone help me. I have many plastic pants and are stiff on one leg area. What is this and what can I do about it. Plastic pants are expensive for adults. Any help would be appreciated.
    Still in diapers and plastic pants
    Lots of good input but puzzled about 'stiffness on one leg area' ???
    Why not the entire plastic pant or the mirror image area on the other leg ?
    What are your laundry methods and more importantly drying after laundry ?
    Any casual contact with chemicals leaning up against something like a counter top ?
    Possibly on a wild guess do you wash your car with something adverse to diaper plastics ?
    On another wild guess you may have a defective product that had a manufacturing flaw -
    perhaps the curing process was not the same on both sides of the plastic pant.

    Obvious you do not have just the one plastic pant - is this occurring in your others ?
    To confirm a bad batch ?

    ? ? ? ? ?

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