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    Uh okay so like, I have had this issue called sleep incontinence for probably about the last 3 years of my life (was 15 then, am 18 now). It happened at around the same time that my overactive sweating and severe anxiety issues began. I really don't exactly know what to do because every time I think this issue has gone away (it kind of occurs inconsistently), it always ends up coming back again and giving me severe issues. I think I do have some DL urges aswell and I can't help but think this is a cause of both that and stress. I'm to the point where i'm undergoing chronic stress issues like weight gain (even though i'm an athlete), constant sickness, depression, etc.

    Let me add by saying that even though the thought of wearing diapers seems kind of interesting to me I really don't know how comfortable i'd be acting upon it. I've kind of kept my sleep incontinence a secret because I do my own laundry and kind of just constantly ask for privacy so that no one will somehow find out...

    I'm really uncomfortable with all of this and I'm going off to college soon and (thanks to my anxiety) I would really struggle conveying this stuff to a doctor. I'm just curious to know if this is all like puberty or something or if its something I'm going to have to deal with just so I can get a grasp on my future as well as my mental health.


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    Hello Zedmain! First off I want to say that you have come to the right place to get help for these problems! You are not alone and you are among friends here as well. Now I am going to have to inform you that if you really are a diaper lover then chances are good that this is something that is never going to stop and never go away even if you want it to. But there is nothing wrong with you because you have these desires. We can help you with dealing with the desires because that is what ADISC is all about. You see the key to being a diaper lover if you are one is that you don't "cure" yourself of this as this is a part of who and what you are so in theory you would have to destroy a part of yourself in order to get rid of it which is inherently unhealthy. You simply accept this a part of yourself and indulge in diaper lover activities to prevent the urges from controlling you not the other way around.

    Now my advice to you about the medical based aspect of this would be to go see a doctor just to make sure that this is not a more serious medical issue. Chances are good you will need a therapist for when you go off to college as well. Now if your afraid to tell anyone keep this fact in mind and be advised I went to college and studied these laws myself so I know what I am talking about. By law a doctor and a therapist cannot tell anyone any information you tell them unless you appear to be in eminent danger of harm to either yourself or other's. So if your worried about anyone finding out about this don't be. You should not have to be ashamed for being a diaper lover or for being forced to wear diapers due to medical necessity. I have to wear diapers all the time now because I am incontinent but does it look like the end of the world from my perspective? Of course not. here are a few links to articles that can help you feel better about yourself and realize how to be happy despite having these desires and medical problems.

    now if your thinking I can just not have to indulge in this I would have to inform you that while I can't stop you from trying I think I should show you this link because I don't want to see you hurt yourself needlessly because of the social implications that are associated with having to wear diapers or liking to do so. Like I said before you are not alone in this

    If you decide to tell your parents about this at some point here's a few links that can help you with doing that. Be advised if you tell your parents about this at all, this would have to be up to you as well.

    I hope this helps you Zedmain! please feel free to private message me with questions at any time
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    I have nocternal enuresis, is that the same thing as you have ?
    My bladder and brain do not comunicate when I am asleep, even laying down I have difficulty in telling when my bladder is full. My bladder knows, it must be saying :- I have been telling you for ages that I need to go, you never listen so here it comes........
    This is something (in my case) that I have to live with. there is nothing to be done except to wear a diaper. So I do. Anxiety and stress and depression does make things a lot worse.

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