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Thread: Food when feeling little

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    Default Food when feeling little

    Does anyone eat different food when they are feeling little? I like to drink from a sippy cup and make mac and cheese and applesauce. Makes me feel like I'm 4 years old. Pancakes are great too!!

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    A bottle of milk and a bag of chocolate animal crackers, usually. Sometimes if I get myself a bottle first thing in the morning, I'll fill a bowl with cereal.

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    Sippy or bottle with coffee milk or vanilla almond milk or warm tea or orange juice... Watered down juice is a big one for me.
    Cereal is a comfort food to be, also toast cut into "soldiers"
    Peanut butter and jam
    Ritz crackers
    Fried baloney
    Just basic things I ate as a kid and still remind me of being one

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    My wife has bought me Gerber baby food, the fruit varieties and they actually taste quite good. Normally I'm a creature of habit. Later in the evening I'll eat a Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream cone, that and chocolate chip cookies. I really am a child.....sigh.

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    Fish Finger sandwiches with ketchup. Reminds me of being about 5...

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    Rice Cakes! They're easy to chew, have a nice texture and just feel like quite a 'little' thing to nibble on whilst I'm watching TV or whatever. I like chocolate coins as well. They're tasty and the fact they aren't actual money makes me feel like I'm playing make-believe as a little would.

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    To me it's not about the food I eat, because I eat lots of Mac 'n' Cheese and "child" food all the time so it's not special.. hehe.. but how I eat it is what makes it special to me sometimes!

    Lots of meals I just eat with boring basic plates in a boring way. You plop the food on the plate and eat it. When I'm feeling little I take my time a bit more. I bring out my special princess Dora plate, with adorable images of Dora the Explorer on it in a beautiful pink princess dress. Lots of cute unicorns and castles and the pink and white coloration going on is just soft and lovely. I also love that it comes in segments so my foods don't mess about together. Then I prepare the food like you would for any little princess. If it's a sandwich, be sure to cut that crust off and segment into fourths! (Sneak the crust and eat that later though too, because we don't like wasting perfectly good food.) If it's apples, any kinds of meat, all sorts of things.. be sure to cut it into little bites so I such a delicate little girl can manage them! All that arranged on the plate I mentioned is enough to make any person suddenly feel like they are a kid again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Indyboy4 View Post
    Does anyone eat different food when they are feeling little? I like to drink from a sippy cup and make mac and cheese and applesauce. Makes me feel like I'm 4 years old. Pancakes are great too!!
    The first time I had "little" time I ate the exact same thing... but with Whales Crackers as a snack, and I think I drank apple juice.

    Ideally I'd also be eating off some kid plates. I had a Disney Princess one but I tossed it before my parents could find it.

    Anyone else out there like those "Good2Grow" drinks with the characters on the top? I find myself always looking at them now. My little side just eats up Hello Kitty and they have several HK varieties plus other characters like Tinkerbell and the Disney Princesses, Phineas and Ferb, Iron Man etc.

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    I often get Tyson Chiken fun nuggets. Which are dinosaur shaped.
    I have them with fries or tater tots.

    Also have a sandwich dino shape cutter.
    That makes eating a sammich more fun as well.

    Mac and cheese is another fun thing to eat feeling little.

    Sometimes me and my mate get Michelina's pop'n chicken.
    Its in a small box with mini chicken nuggets, and round potato disc like
    things that have a smiling face in them.

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    Does anyone get the children's meals at fast food places so you can get the toys?

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