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Thread: A Healthy Lifestyle?

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    Default A Healthy Lifestyle?

    Something occurred to me this morning: the ABDL lifestyle might actually be good for you.

    Consider this:

    1. We're well-hydrated. I'm well-hydrated even when I'm not wearing...but when I am, I drink nothing but black coffee (benign except for the caffeine) and lots and lots of water.

    2. Mentally, diapers help me relax. I have an anxiety disorder; it's been diagnosed and treated, and two weeks ago I went off antidepressants (which was hell, but that's another story...). Often when it flares up I'll put on a diaper, and almost immediately my mind gets put to ease. There isn't much that comforts me as much as a wet diaper.

    3. As I've accepted this side of me (and it took a while) I've gotten a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I know we've all analyzed our ABDL sides obsessively; in my case it's helped me learn a lot about myself in general.

    What else you got?

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    I'm primarily AB, but I think a lot of the positives are the same as the ones DLs experience. I suffer a lot with anxiety too - I have OCD which primarily manifests itself in dark, intrusive thoughts. I find that I feel so much more relaxed when I know I can turn to AB activities and give my adult brain a rest. This also goes for things that stress me out at work - it's nice to think 'when you get home, you can soak in a bubbly bath and then put your snug little onesie on'. It helps get me through the crappier aspects of day-to-day adult life.

    Another thing it's helped me with is my temperament. I used to be quite grumpy and short-tempered if I wasn't feeling cheerful, but nowadays, in incidents when I might otherwise have flared up when someone said something I don't like, I just think about happy, peaceful things or (if I'm at home) go into my room and cuddle with my plushies and a board book.

    Finally, the self-acceptance has been nice. I still can't say that if I was given a list of personality traits, I'd choose 'desire to act like a baby', but I certainly think that some positives have come out of being an AB, and certainly from having accepted that it's a part of my character.

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    Actually from a mental health perspective being into AB/DLism is healthy in other ways that you never mentioned hti24. Well healthy as long as you don't overdue this and let it control you anyways. You see does anyone know that in certain rare and extreme cases of mental health issues like PTSD, that a therapist might try to get a patient hypnotized and make them regress back to a state of mind not to dissimilar from little's head space? This is extremely rare but it does occur to a limited extent(literally only a a few thousand cases in all of recorded history if even that) and in fact I will ask my therapist more about this next week. Apparently it has in fact allegedly been done with at least a limited amount of success for patients who have been severely traumatized over various things. Now keep in mind that I have researched this subject poorly but I did research it a little. I am going to just talk to my therapist about this next week and ask her for online resources that could tell me more about this just because I am curious to find out more.

    As for me I know beyond any doubt that I would not be alive right now if I was not into being AB. Being AB is the only thing that keeps me functional enough to even socialize on even the most basic levels much less survive and think for myself. When I first found out what a AB/DL was the 2nd thing I learned was to accept this as a part of myself or literally go mad and die. I was in so much shock over all this that I never even hesitated to embrace myself. Since then my state of mind has improved in ways that I thought would never happen.

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    I think the last corner of this is that if you didn't indulge, assuming that you are attracted to diapers, you would be miserable, especially when the desire hits hard. I know I get edgy when it hits, and wearing not only takes that away, but gives me an overall feeling of peace. For those of us who are AB/DL, it's more logical if not comforting, to wear. Why make yourself miserable?

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    This is a fascinating discussion. I suppose on a level I knew diapers made--make--me comfortable, but since I started wearing ten years ago I've been more preoccupied with why they turn me on. Maybe I've been focusing on the wrong thing. As I mentioned, I've been going off antidepressants the past couple weeks, and wearing diapers has helped with that process tremendously. My OCD was running riot with me last week--and so I bought a bag of diapers and spent all day Thursday and Friday wearing (and yes, that included work--I'd never before worn at work). The comfort was almost indescribable. That's what got me on this thought train, then got me thinking to my history as a diaper-wearer. It's interesting that there's at least one more of us who's used diapers to help deal with OCD. In my case it helped get me through childhood cancer, even though I was too young to know it at the time.

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    It's a mixed bag. Extended wear of the kind common to ABDLs creates an elevated risk of skin problems, UTI, et al. However, from anecdotal reporting, it doesn't seem like it's such a big deal, particularly balanced against the health benefits of being happy. I'd guess that for us, it's slightly better overall to happily indulge than to resist altogether and probably noticeably better than to indulge with stress and self-loathing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    It's a mixed bag. Extended wear of the kind common to ABDLs creates an elevated risk of skin problems, UTI, et al. However, from anecdotal reporting, it doesn't seem like it's such a big deal, particularly balanced against the health benefits of being happy. I'd guess that for us, it's slightly better overall to happily indulge than to resist altogether and probably noticeably better than to indulge with stress and self-loathing.
    That's a fair point, though as you say the trade-off (i.e., mental benefits vs. the risk of skin problems) is probably worth it. Take me, for instance: if wearing diapers can help me get over (and then live without) antidepressants I'll make that trade ten times out of time. (I'm not saying antidepressants are evil or that they don't have a very positive role in some people's lives: they aren't and they do.) Again, it's something I didn't really think about till recently; I'm surprised I never made the connection, but you live and you learn I suppose. This afternoon, again, I started feeling anxious, and as soon as I could I got changed into a diaper. I'm now lying in bed, diapered but not wet (no real plans of wetting), and feeling a lot better. That's a pretty powerful drug.

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    It looks like my diaper lifestyle is healthy. My health goals: New Start.

    Nutrition: wearing diapers led me to take the supplement "Sodium Copper Chlorophillin" that keeps me smelling a lot nicer, helps keep me regular with fiber, and lowers my risk of cancer.

    Exercise: I can wander further from the restroom. I can go on long walks or hikes without worry if there will be a place to stop along the way. I can also jump on the trampoline without worry that all the jumping will cause me to leak.

    Water: I drink more water and maybe even take more baths. I do not worry about cutting back at night since I do not care id I wet at night.

    Sunshine: This goes with the exercise. I feel I get plenty if I exercise outside more.

    Temperance: I am less tempted to drink or smoke or get on drugs to deal with stress since diapers are so relaxing.

    Air: Since I am spending more time outside I get more fresh air. I can crack my window more often without worrying that if I get cold it will make me need to wet.

    Rest: I do not have to get up at night so I can stay in bed longer and relax more.

    Trust God: I trust God to change me when I need it and to help me find the best diapers. I also have faith that the diapers will do their job. So far nobody has noticed any wet spots, so I am in good hands.

    Hope you like my NEW START anagram. I love to keep it in mind when thinking of healthy choices I can make.

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    I found your reasons as for my the ABDL Lifestyle is healthy to be a very interesting discussion. And while I wouldn't say I live a DL Lifestyle, I do believe that my diaper fetish has been harmless.

    1. I definitely consider myself to be fully hydrated, however I never associated how much water I drank to my fetish.

    2. Though I wouldn't really consider diapers to be a relaxation method (at least not on their own), they have gotten me to try new things and meet new and interesting people. So I'd definitely consider that to be a plus.

    3. Self Acceptance has definitely been good to my health. I still remember all the stress, fear, and self-loathing from when I was 13-16 when I tried to fight this fetish, I can't imagine that that was healthy. And not only was self acceptance a big weight taken off my shoulders, it also made me much more open-minded to other people and ideas. So that's another positive.

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    The self-acceptance piece has taken me years. I started wearing ten years ago, and I think I'm getting to the point where I'm finally maybe okay with this. But the self-analysis has been fascinating and helped me draw the connection between diapers, OCD, cancer, and general life stress. I would never have expected that when I bought my first adult diapers.

    Diapers have also enabled me to take a more cavalier approach to life. I used to be terrified of buying diapers; now it's an integral part of wearing them (hell, I've even bought from an ABDL specialty store). They've made me less anxious and paranoid, even if I'm still anxious and paranoid about wearing them out in public. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this discussion.

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