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Thread: Debating going 24/7

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    So I'm debating going 24/7.. I need opinions on a diaper that can hold a lot and still be discreet... My parents are completely against me wearing so there would be a problem when I went to there house with wearing all the time.. I'm just trying to find some answers any advice and information would be greatly appreciated

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    Well in order to be discreet I would recommend you just get yourself some onsie's or at least some shirts with long tails on them so you can just tuck in the shirt tail and conceal the diaper underneath. You see the shirt will muffle the sound of the plastic so much that even you might not hear the noisiest diapers out there. Also if you plan to wear 24/7 I would suggest cloth diapers maybe with reusable inserts as well because it's kind of hard for the diaper to make crinkly noises without there being any plastic down there last I checked!? This would have the added bonus of not costing as much in the long run as well.

    Also if you do plan on wearing a plastic disposable I would suggest that you wear your normal underwear over the diaper to help muffle the noise even more. Especially if you are wearing a skirt or dress. That being said I would highly recommend that you do not use the diaper for it's intended purpose unless you happen to be incontinent when you are around people as that might make people notice because of the smell.

    Here's a link about cloth diaper that is really absorbent that you might like. I am incontinent and I actually use these myself and they seem to be really good quality and as absorbent as cloth diapers go

    Please keep in mind that cloth diapers are almost always not as absorbent as a comparable disposable counterpart so if you do use them get booster pads as well to increase their absorbency if possible.

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    that's a somewhat common question here, and comes with common counter-questions
    - using for #2?
    - using exclusively for #1? (no potty breaks between changes etc)
    - what is the longest time you will have to be able to go between changes?
    - how much do you want to spend a month on diapers?
    - where do you live? (americas/eurpoe/other)
    - what's your waist size? (small limits your options)

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