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Thread: whats a good paci

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    Default whats a good paci

    I have one but its just a little walmart one so you know

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    The one I have came from Babypants. It's good, but I feel like it's too small for my mouth.

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    pacifiers r us. com. They are a bit expensive, but the sevens are so worth it and work great.

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    Try searching the forum for posts in that past that talk about them

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    Those are the best. I have a little one from INGLES CORPS, **like walmart** and it is the best *giggle*

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymander View Post
    I have one but its just a little walmart one so you know
    You might want to grab a Nuk pacifier then and shoot for the Nuk 4 or Nuk 5's since they are ventilated and are easier to use, plus a perfect size for your mouth.

    You can also obtain a Nuk 7 on the "pacifiers_r_us" (Get rid of the dashes) website. (If you want a bigger one but the Nuk 5 might be better and the right size incase the 7 is too large for you (Some AB's might not handle the Nuk 7) Their website may not secure the "HTTPS://" but their security is secured and locked.

    This might help you. You can go buy a Nuk 5 pacifier from the website and make your own pacifier to be precise on what you exactly want I'm 100% sure most of their pacifiers are wonders and the most interesting one you want to shoot for is a "silicone" nipple. Those are craving better than the other material (Some brown latex stuff) I most likely believe you will go gaga over this interesting dummy. The prices are fairly range able and are easy to obtain. They also have a sale going on right not (I think since Halloween is coming up)

    They also have a coupon for a 10% discount and it says October of 2014 (Coupon: Says a member posted it 2 years ago so I guess they are redeeming it)

    Nuk pacifiers contain these,

    Quote Originally Posted by
    • Orthodontic nipple promotes healthy oral development
    • Helps soothe and comfort baby
    • True orthodontic nipple naturally fits baby’s mouth:
    • Angled bottom maximizes tongue movement
    • Curved top mirrors shape of baby’s upper palate
    • Heart-shaped shield fits under baby’s nose for extra comfort
    • #1 selling brand in the US, used by hundreds of US hospitals
    • BPA free, Top-rack dishwasher safe
    Some of these are why Nuk Pacifiers shoot for the Top 5 pacifiers used in the USA (Says so on their records )

    So if you want a pacifier that's good to your standards, take a shot with those.

    Comparing to your walmart one, here's a good link that shows a difference between the one you might have and the Nuk 5
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    I have a Nuk 7 from Pacifiers R Us, and love it. The Nuk 4 was too small for me. The Nuk 5 needed to be just a little bit longer for me to properly use. I'd recommend looking at all the measurements of the pacifiers that you look at. To make sure that they are going to be the correct length for you, and not to long or too short.

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