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Thread: The purge 2?

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    Default The purge 2?

    I don't want to go through this again, the second pacifier was harder than it needed to be to get. I can't afford another, and knowing me I will end up throwing it out. I enjoyed my night very much, but I just still don't feel right for some reason. I don't know what is wrong with me. I am trying to be happy, little, mature, and everything in between. I don't know if it is just because I had one fun night, and I am scared I won't get another for a while, or if I am just crazy. I am feeling sorta lost at the moment, like I am torn between two big decisions and can't decide. I am doing my best to stay chill, collected, and calm. I don't want to do it again, but something in me just isn't happy. Any advice?

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    Don't bother with this thread, I have solved the issue. I fought with myself all night about this. I have concluded that there is nothing wrong with being the way I am. I just had an awesome night of being little, why do I have to ruin it with stupid feelings? I felt bad, guilty, and just really didn't know why. I am okay now, no permanent damage has been done. Everything heals over time right? Anyways it is fine, I am really sorry.

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    We do tend to cycle sometimes. But it doesn't pay to throw stuff out while feeling bad about it. There's always time for that later. Better we set it aside it need be, and pick it up when we need it again.
    I am glad you are feeling better.

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    I go through the same exact same thing whenever I have special time. Those underlying feelings of guilt and shame are a pain, but they make us who we are, and venting is the best remedy for it.

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    I would find a good place to put "things" out of site when you purge. Then when the cycle is over, you can retrieve and save a lot of money.

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