When I first started experimenting with this little hobby a couple years back, my first premium purchase was a bag of Dry 24/7 - they were about the only thing B4NS had available at the time, so that's what I went with. They were thick and heavily padded and crinkly, and very absorbent. As an introduction to diapers they were quite a nice start, I must say.

Since then I've moved on and tried multiple other brands and types, and have settled on a mix of Bambinos (usually Blancos, sometimes Bellissimos) and Molicare as my usual stock. But when I went to order, I saw that AgeComfort had the new Dry 24/7 in. A bag of those plus a bag of Molis met the free shipping, so perfect!

They arrived a couple of days ago, and I'm wearing the first of the batch as I type. Here's a bit of a review thus far.

First thing I noticed was that these are less thick than the previous diapers, and have a different feel to the interior padding. It's softer - I'd compare it to the Bellissimos in feel. They're definitely more robust than my other products; compared to a Molicare they're larger but not to the same extent as the old ones. And they're a nice clean white - as a DL, I will grudgingly use Bellissimos with the print but I prefer a plain diaper. No wetness indicators or anything, so these fit the bill.

(A note: I could, and have, worn mediums, but buy larges for comfort sake, so the added size may play into some of the viewpoints here.)

The tapes are big! And I'm not totally sure about the placement on the bottom ones. I may just have missed but I think I lost a couple of leg hairs to one tape. Not a big thing, just seem maybe a bit low.

From this first one, the feel is quite good. They do have the traditional wide padding in the crotch - just like with the first batch, I put one of these on and it's instant waddle time. The overall padding feels thin sitting and moving around; on the back, they seem to have a less wide pad than some other product. On the front, they're good. The gathers around leg and back feel just fine. I like the way these fit.

Want a thick diaper? Add liquid. I don't think I need to expand on that too much. A couple of wettings so far, and it's definitely bulging already. No indication of leakage around the legs or anything, and I feel fairly dry. I'll try one of these for a long session later, but I have confidence that they can handle a LOT of fluid.

Overall, these are a good diaper. They're quite comfortable, look good, and are definitely doing what they're supposed to do thus far. I may not buy them all the time, as they are expensive, but they're top of the list if I'm going to splurge!