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Thread: epic hospital moment

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    Smile epic hospital moment

    i just came back from the hosital for a week of sickness
    i asked my brother to go home and get my stuffy scout
    because i cannot sleep without him. The nurse to my
    surprise started dawwing and awww thats so adorable
    and cute lookit you.

    NO LIE.

    I later on turned on babyfirst tv and made it thtough
    the night still hurt still pumped of medicines oxygen
    cat scan EKG, IV, the works.

    It is a very calming exerience ontop of all of the
    pain and fear
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    That's happened to me too. Went to the hospital for a sleep test and had to have my plushie bunny. When I took her out of my overnight bag, the technician just saud, "Aww! Who's your cute little friend?" When I told her my bunny's name, she said, "Aren't you just adorable with your cute bun bun."

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklesTheBunny View Post
    That's happened to me too."
    NICE! an adorable thought a great exerience for you too. im glad it was relaxing
    for u also

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    I'm surprised your hospital had the Baby channel. I've been enjoying watching Baby First at home. Anyway, congrats on having your plushie.

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    There are times when it's fun to be cute, like what you mentioned above. People get all gooey when I tell them I collect toys.

    There are also times when it's no fun to be cute, like when you're trying to discuss a serious topic and everyone goes, "Aaaaawwwwww, you're really upset about this aren't you?"

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    @BrandonSleepypuppy, I ha c e been sleeping with plushies almost all my life and can't sleep without one. When I travel, one goes with me. I know what it's like to have to sleep without one. It's very difficult. I'm glad you have your Scout. Just makes me all warm inside knowing there's people out there like me who have that awesome childlike side in them.

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    Hello All,

    I am with you all. I need my plushie to sleep. I have a stuffed puppy dog that's about 2 feet long almost. I named him "Puppy". I know, simple. Anyway, I have been sleeping with stuffed animals for years. And having bipolar that's medication resistant. So long story short I end up in the hospital once or twice a year for a week or so. Anyway, this one trip I didn't have my dog with me. I was a mess trying to sleep. Not to mention was emotional at the time and REALLY wanted to hug my puppy. So I made my own stuffie on the fly. I rolled up a towel and using two arm bands I have that are real soft, I put the towel inside them to make the scratchy hospital towel soft. Then for eyes I broke two prongs of a fork and stuck them through the towel. In the end I sort of had a worm shape and named him "Wormie". It wasn't the best but worked. Now I make it a point to make sure my hospital bag has a special place for my Puppy to tag along so I don't have to experience that again.

    As for Baby TV, I can relate there too. The ER here is the first stop on the way to a hospital stay for the bipolar. It's a easy 24 hour wait just to see the psych doc and then another day - three waiting for a bed on a unit to open up and then transport. So this one hospital I prefer has cable TV in each ER exam room and free wifi if you ask for a pass code. While we don't get Baby TV, it does get Disney channel. And in the mornings from 6am-10am they have programming from Disney Jr. At home I get Disney Jr the channel that plays the toddler shows 24/7. But in the hospital they only get Disney channel which only plays toddler programming in the morning as I mentioned. But people in my town know I am AB so it's no shock to see me watching Disney Jr programming which I can also get on my tablet through the wifi. Same with seeing me with my puppy dog.

    But yea, once in awhile you will get a nurse with the "awww, he's so cute" comment and such or "oh, my neice enjoys watching those cartoons" and such. Being openly AB, I don't care who sees what I am watching or sees my puppy dog. All I care about is hospitals scare the crap out of me so if having my puppy dog and watching toddler shows brings me some comfort I am going to do it!

    -Baby Stanley

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    i take my bear with me to therapy, haven't had to have an extended stay in the hospital at all.

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